Articles by Rohit Nair

Rohit is a research fellow with the Grounded Imaginaries Project. He has a background in social science and is interested in questions of urban geography and political ecology. He is currently working on creating spaces and tools for environmental education through a non-profit called Project Living Cities. When he’s not reading or travelling, you can find him playing Ultimate Frisbee on Elliot’s beach. You can reach him at

Chennai’s recent history is marked by a string of disastrous weather events, particularly floods. The city’s water woes are not new, but the erratic nature and increased frequency of floods and droughts have raised questions regarding its in a climatically unstable world and what resilience might look like in the future. A large number of initiatives under ‘Climate Adaptation’ and ‘Urban Resilience’ have been mooted, and designed by bureaucrats, technical experts and consultants. These responses range from watershed management to urban development schemes to ecological restoration of waterbodies. But the story of top-down climate adaptation measures has less to do…

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