Articles by Raniya Ansari

Raniya is an oceanographer with work experience in sea turtles and intertidal ecology. She has worked briefly on studying sea turtles in Maharashtra. Additionally, she co-authored a book titled 'Sea Turtles on Stamps and Coins', which highlights the representation of these fascinating creatures in philately and numismatics, while at Mangrove Foundation. Currently, she is a Research Associate at the Coastal Conservation Foundation. She is actively involved in the flagship project of CCF 'Marine Life of Mumbai', which aims to raise awareness about the diverse marine species found in the Mumbai region.

In its earlier avatar, Mumbai was known as ‘Heptanesia’, denoting a collective of seven islands, as named by Ptolemy in 150 AD. With the city being transformed from a cluster of islands into a unified mass in early 18th century, its enduring connection to the coastline beholds captivating marine biodiversity that lies right at our doorstep.  There exists a facet of Mumbai that remains shadowed within the towering buildings and lost between the burgeoning crowds. Often hailed as a ‘city that never sleeps’, it also holds a hidden truth: its shores too remain in a perpetual state of wakefulness.  The…

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