Articles by Ramya Joshi

Ramya Joshi is a student of Third Year, BA (Journalism and Mass Media), College of Journalism and Mass Communication, Dayananda Sagar University, Bengaluru. She is a freelance voice artist and has worked in the aviation industry as Customer Service Agent in Rajkot. Her goal is to become a journalist and "bring out the truth". She likes traveling, exploring new places, meeting different people, researching, reading books, dancing , mimicry, sketching and "shaayri". She believes stories are " meant to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable".

Mariappa, a resident of Silicon City, who lives a few minutes away from the city’s glittering high street, leads a challenging life. He is a pit worker in Bengaluru, eking out a living from the repulsive job of manually cleaning the gutters of the high tech city. His entire family does pit work. Mariappa rues, “My body stinks.” He adds that many pit workers, several of whom live in the heart of the city, have got diseases and have even died due to their work.  Even though manual scavenging has been legally banned, it is still practised in Bengaluru. In…

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