Articles by Rama Ramachandran

Rama Ramachandran is currently pursuing a Master of Regional Planning degree at Cornell University. On campus, her involvement is diverse and reflects her passion for urban development and community engagement. She serves as a Research Associate at the Centre for Cities Lab, holds the role of Project Manager at Design Connect and acts as a Consultant Coordinator bridging the gap between Cornell and the Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority (CMDA), emphasizing the importance of international collaboration in urban planning.

As a teenager residing in Chennai, I observed a noticeable difference in the level of concern for safety between boys my age and myself, when in parks or outdoor spaces. While boys could play freely without feeling threatened, my own experiences were quite different. I would often be approached by unfamiliar men asking invasive questions, making me conscious of my vulnerability. This seems to be a shared experience among girls, not only confined to parks but extending to various public spaces. It brings to light a gender disparity in outdoor experiences, emphasising the need to establish a more inclusive and…

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