Articles by R Ramalingam

R Ramalingam is a 75-year-old civic activist from Ambattur. He has been living in Ambattur since the 1960s and works actively towards transforming the neighbourhood. He is also a part of various welfare associations in Ambattur.

Ambattur sees a flurry of activity in its neighbourhoods every day, as the suburb is still expanding. It was one of the zones to be brought under the Chennai Corporation as recently as in 2011. As part of the development of the suburb, several roads and streets are widened in the area from time to time.  If there is one major pain point despite all the efforts to ensure civic amenities, it is the location of electricity poles, distribution pillars and transformers across Ambattur. The placement of these utilities routinely defy a lot of rules and cause much inconvenience.  Electric…

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