Articles by Radhika Viswanathan

Radhika Viswanathan is a researcher and development communication specialist from Bengaluru. Her interests lie in the intersection between development research, policy, and communication, in particular, the way in which development and social issues are communicated to wider audiences. She is the co-host and producer of podcasts like 'In the Field' and 'City of Women'. She is an adjunct fellow at Dakshin Foundation, and visiting Faculty at the Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media. Radhika holds Masters degrees from the London School of Economics and Political Science and the University of Strasbourg.

Ramakrishna has been a well-digger for thirty eight years. “My grandfather used to dig large stone wells in the villages. In the city, wells are smaller because there isn’t that much space. I learned how to dig wells from my father. I have dug many wells, some are five feet deep, others in higher areas are 18 feet deep or even deeper.” Shankar, another well-digger, has been working since he was 15. “I learnt to dig wells from my father, and now I work with a group of well-diggers. I’ve dug wells all over the city.” Both Ramakrishna and Shankar…

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