Articles by Priya Ramesh

Priya Ramesh, a Bengaluru resident, strongly believes in 'Live and let live' principle. As a freelance writer, she is actively involved in transforming her learnings, experiences, opinions and suggestions for the benefit of society. She has published many articles in the Tamil magazine Vanname Ellai, and has authored a Tamil book 'Enna Thavam Saidhanai'.

This June, newspapers carried reports of an apartment resident in Mangaluru throwing newborn kittens out of her flat. Similarly, cat-adoption sites frequently report cases of kittens found in plastic bags in garbage heaps. Earlier, a common, but merciless, approach was to either ignore kittens or drop them in a faraway location. These incidents show people are largely unaware of how to handle stray cats and their litter. Success stories of win-win scenarios for both cats and humans are very rare. I was very impressed by an article in Citizen Matters last year, by Sumana Paul and Kalpita Mane, on how…

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