Articles by Prashant Nanaware

Prashant has varied interests and has worked with several reputed publications. He has started and managed social media operations for them. He has written on travel, culture, and issues related to the youth. He has a masters degree from the School of Government, MIT, Pune. Cycling is a long-standing passion and he wishes for the cycling community and the supporting infrastructure to grow.

Katta in collegian Marathi refers to a hangout. The Cycle Katta is a platform designed for freewheeling discussions on everything around cycling. It seeks to inspire people by getting phenomenal achievers speak of their feats. It tries to educate them about nuances on health, nutrition, technical aspects and also how public policy looks at their activity. It also aims to build a better network of informed cyclists.  It is a completely volunteer-driven initiative with once a quarter meetings, and depends entirely on the largesse of the society - which stands to benefit if cycling grows - for the physical space…

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