Articles by Prashant Karkare

Prashant Karkare is an alumnus of CEPT, Ahmedabad. He is currently working as Principal Consultant at ESC and has over 20 years of experience working in urban planning, water and wastewater services, and areas of urban management on project formulation and appraisal. In urban management, his experience is in the fields of urban governance, institutional development, project development, urban landscape, environmental planning, and capital investment.

Monsoon is one of the oldest weather observations, an economically important weather pattern, and the most anticipated weather event and unique weather phenomenon. Yet, it is only partially understood and notoriously difficult to predict. Monsoon brings several difficulties, and events, which include, downgraded situations like heavy rainfall, flood, lightning, and cyclone which may demand safety precautions at high priority. Buildings are susceptible to weather conditions, and Bengaluru experiences rainfall throughout the year. A pre-monsoon safety plan helps mitigate some of the seen and unseen hazards. General safety precautions Provide preventive measures and guidance to Association management, employees, workers, and visitors.…

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