Articles by Pradeep Chakravarthy

The writer is a behaviourist who uses learning from Indian history to change behaviour in the corporate world. He has been writing on Tamil Nadu's history and art for more than a decade, and has written five books on the topic. Know more about him on his website,

Our home in T Nagar was built in 1950. The cost of the land was Rs 1600 and the building cost about Rs 50,000. But the story of the home goes back much further. In 1910, when my grandfather was about 10 years old, his father died, leaving behind an asthmatic wife, two young daughters and him. And a debt of Rs 500, that was a crushing liability for a poor family in those days. There was a real risk of their home being taken over. At some point in these difficult times, he even contemplated ending his life in…

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