Articles by Pooja Domadia

Pooja Domadia is the founder of Slow & Conscious Living, a startup promoting zero waste alternatives for personal and home care products. She is also co-founder of हम Prithvi से and conducts waste management workshops.

In 2019, Mehndi and Pooja, as part of their low waste journey from the हम Prithvi से, a social enterprise, visited a doctor practising near the Deonar dumping ground in Govandi. While it was known that the lives of people living around the dumping ground are poor, what they heard was quite heartbreaking. The doctor had been practising there for over a decade. He mentioned that he observed a rise in cases related to air pollution in the past few years. The reason is the rising quantity of dumped waste around and the toxic fumes from the hazardous waste especially after being…

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