Articles by Premkumari N

Premkumari served as the community champion of Indus Action's Samaaj/Samugham 3.5% program for the period of six months from September 2022 to March 2023. Along with two other champions in Perumbakkam she worked in the community to create awareness and identification of potential beneficiaries for two welfare schemes. She is also working as an Unlock Literacy teacher. She embraces her experience with a zeal to explore and learn more to serve her community in the field of education and livelihood.

Life in resettlement colonies in Chennai comes with myriad issues. Our wait for proper infrastructure, basic services, benefits and entitlements has been long and the fight has been hard. My life used to revolve around my house in the Perumbakkam resettlement area. Even though I taught children from Classes 1 to 5 to read and write Tamil in our Reading Club, I was still confined to my household and managing its affairs. But as Community Champion, now my life revolves around the entire resettlement area, where I work to make the lives of people here better. An experiential learning programme,…

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