Articles by Parul Dholakia

Parul Dholakia is the Assistant Manager for the Community Engagement programme in Vadodara. She has extensive experience of working with communities for over a decade. She has set up the community participation in street dog management with her team for the first time in Vadodara.

It’s 6:30 am on a quiet street in Nutan Society, Vadodara and a vehicle comes by. Three people wearing green T-shirts alight and start moving about, calling out to the street dogs, petting and then catching them by hand. A woman moves towards them, shouting at them, unsure of their intent. Calmly, one of the members stops to explain about the animal birth control programme, assuring her they will sterilise, vaccinate the dogs and drop them back in a few days. They provide her the facility’s details and invite her to see the work first hand. She visits the place…

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