Articles by Paras Tyagi

Paras Tyagi, after his public policy studies from NLSIU, has co-founded Centre for Youth Culture Law and Environment (CYCLE) to enhance the quality of life in the villages of Delhi.

“PSU banks do not provide any kind of credit facilities for people who own lands in the urban villages, they say we belong to the Lal Dora. When we go to the MCD, they say we don’t belong to the Lal Dora and are an urbanised village now,” rues Deepak Tyagi, a 39-year-old resident and RWA president of Budhela village in New Delhi. This intriguing in-between nature of urban villages is what led us to study these areas and the digitalization of land records here. Lal Dora is a red thread that was drawn around the habitation or abadi areas…

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