Articles by Nivedha Kannan

Nivedha Kannan is an undergraduate Economics student from St. Xavier's College, Mumbai. She is an MBA aspirant with a deep interest in Defence and Military Affairs, Writing and A.R. Rahman's music.

With consumption demands growing like never before, industries are rising in every corner of the world to meet our ever-growing wants. Of course, it is nice to be able to afford and enjoy everything we desire. All seems good till we cast a glance at the enormous amounts of waste generated by the intensive consumerist process. In India, many of the socio-cultural and religious practices we follow often result in a lot of waste and mess. As we leave the January festival season behind, we find spring fast approaching. Colours and joy Holi, the festival of colour, is one of…

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Woes of a 2020 graduate

When I made my 2020 planner on the first day of this year, I marked important academic and professional dates for the next six months. The first of these was my university graduation due in the month of March. We are now in September and the aforementioned graduation still seems a far mile away. To be fair, nothing about this year has been normal. With the coronavirus setting in from early March and a nationwide lockdown being declared from the end of that month, we’ve lived a life that is completely different from anything we might have experienced before. As…

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