Articles by Nikhita Brunth Sundar

Nikhita Brunth Sundar is a Chennai-based citizen journalist. Nikhita loves the beach, reading and reading on the beach. A huge potterhead with a penchant for living in imaginary worlds. Avid feminist with a loud voice and unafraid to use it.

A little white disc flies through the air; chased by many, and caught deftly by a girl, who then sends it whizzing across the sandy shore. This is a scene that often unfolds along Chennai's Besant Nagar beach, next to the red police booth. The vast, open space afforded by the beach sets the stage for a fun sport, involving a 175g white disc. Ultimate Frisbee is fast-paced, involving seven players from each team on opposite sides of the field, throwing the disc to each other, racing to catch it and passing it along to teammates. The most popular format…

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