Articles by Meenakshi Subramanian

Meenakshi Subramanian has been living in Mumbai for almost 30 years. She worked as a consultant and then opted to become a stay-at-home mom. She currently actively volunteers for charitable causes.

With the festival of Dasara (or Navratri) just over last week, households like ours have been carefully packing away our statues and dolls till next year. While the Bengalis in Mumbai are immersed in Durga Puja and the Gujaratis in Garba and Dandiya, the South Indians get busy with Bommai Kolu, a festive dolls display that is the focal point of the 10-day long festival. Kolu (or Golu) is a tradition that is passed on, from one generation to the next. No matter which city in the world they move to, the Kolu moves with them. Most of those who…

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