Articles by Manasi Warde

I am a nature/wildlife enthusiast. I started with jungle safaris in National Parks and Tiger Reserves. I then got introduced to the world of lesser known fauna. I did a course in Biodiversity Conservation from BNHS and began my journey in this field. Following my passion, I take nature trails and awareness sessions for school children and groups. I am an artist and sketch these beautiful creatures and read about them in my free time.

September has ended and we will soon bid goodbye to the monsoon season. Monsoons not only give new life to nature, but also drape the surroundings in lively greens. Starting now, we celebrate new lives, new crops and a lot of festivals. During monsoons, one can witness various interesting phenomena. One can hear frogs and toads croaking in and around rain puddles. A large number of butterfly species like Lime, Plain Tiger, Common Emigrant are spotted. Bees and moths also engage in extracting nectar from flowers that bloom in rain. Deep inside the forest, a lot of snakes come out…

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