Articles by Kirti Zala

Kirti Zala has been part of aProCh (a Protagonist in Every Child) – a Riverside School Initiative for 5 years, and has been instrumental in taking aProCh initiatives to 11 cities in India. She holds an MBA and MSc (Finance) degree and has also worked in the corporate sector for more than 7 years before joining Riverside.

When was the last time that you took your children to a public park, where they found other children to play with and a chance to engage in fun activities and learning experiences? When was it that your neighbourhood park was filled with the babble of children and their collective excitement and energy as they took part in events targeted at them in particular? As India urbanises, the open spaces in cities shrink, the people get busier and increasingly caught up in their frenetic lifestyles and the few parks that do exist become dull spaces, used occasionally by the early…

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