Articles by J L Anil Kumar

J L Anil Kumar is an independent IP (Intellectual Property ) consultant. He retired as the HoD of Intellectual Property and Standards at Philips India Limited. He is also a translator (English, Kannada, German) and blogs at

Animals, including humans, are curious by nature. Science is what makes the curiosity of the human animal different from that of the others. It is the tool we have developed to explore the world to know more and answer deep and profound questions. This includes the brain asking, and answering, the question, โ€œhow does the brain work?โ€. This is uniquely human and makes humans human. Throughout history, however, society has had a love-hate relationship with science. In this context, society includes the state, organized religion, politics, commerce, citizens, and even scientists themselves. The state has tried to suppress and discredit…

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