Articles by Jeslin James

Jeslin currently serves as a Project Coordinator at Saahas. In her current role, she brings her passion for sustainability and environmental health to the forefront by actively participating in special streams projects, such as construction and demolition waste and bulky waste management projects, focusing on innovative waste management solutions. Having earned a Master's degree in Public Policy and Governance from Azim Premji University, Jeslin has a strong background in the development sector. Her experience also includes involvement in projects, such as tribal health interventions showcasing her interest in comprehensive development.

Gift-giving is a time-honoured tradition that helps us celebrate special occasions, express our love and appreciation for others, and foster strong social connections. However, the way we approach gifting can have a significant impact on the environment. Many gifts end up unused, discarded, or contributing to environmental pollution. In this article, I will share the consequences of gift-giving and suggest options for sensible gifting. As I have observed numerous gifts accumulating beneath Christmas trees or even being discarded in the ground, only to be unearthed as waste, I have become aware of the pressing issue of gift-related waste. Additionally, working…

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