Articles by Jaishankar Balasubramanian

Jaishankar Balasubramanian is a volunteer of the Valmiki Nagar Residents Association. He is winding down work-life after over four decades of professional career and solopreneurship. HIs hobbies and interests include photography, traveling, ecology, civic and community matters.

Valmiki Nagar is a compact and beautiful residential colony in Thiruvanmiyur, comprising four Seaward Roads that run East-West and Balakrishnan Road running North-South that bisects them. The quality of the roads in Valmiki Nagar, re-laid over 10 years ago, has deteriorated over the years, with large patches of exposed areas, loose stones and so on. The volunteers (me being one of them) of the Valmiki Nagar Residents Association took up the request for relaying of roads with the councillor of Ward 180 and Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC) Assistant Engineer (AE). Here is how the road laying went — Pre-approval phase…

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