Articles by Ipshita Karmakar

Ipshita Karmakar is an architect from Mumbai currently pursuing her Masters in City Planning at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on a Fulbright fellowship. She was the coordinator of the Mumbai Water Narratives project and one of the core curators of its exhibition, Confluence 2021.

By March 2020, along with the rest of the country, Mumbai went into a severe lockdown. Social distancing, wearing a mask and hand washing were necessary precautions, and access to them, the need of the hour. A majority of the population did not - and still doesn’t - have access to safe water or sanitation, nor the privilege of technology.  This exclusion in the time of a public health crisis is not new. Bombay has seen several epidemics in the past, but what is often overlooked in the discourse on public health is that many such diseases are waterborne. Furthermore,…

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