Articles by Dr Darshan Gupte

Dr Darshan Gupte is a practicing endodontist in Kandivali East, Mumbai. He tries to follow environmentally friendly practices like conserving water and fuel, reusing things and avoiding buying things, especially those which cannot be recycled or do not decompose easily. He always carries a cloth bag and his own bottle of water.

Once Diwali is over, is it 'Lights out!' for the lamps that gleefully decorate our homes and outdoors during the festival? "Certainly not!" All it takes is a little bit of effort to kindle another flame of life into these lamps. Possibly, a small change in mindset too. Diyas in the process of belng lit in an apartment lobby in Mumbai (Photo: Amy) Diwali, or Deepavali (row of lights), is synchronous with lights. It is one of the few festivals celebrated around Amavasya (new moon), when we don't have the light of the moon at night. This is possibly the…

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