Articles by Anand Sankar

Anand Sankar is a Bangalorean who has been living in the Tons Valley, Uttarakhand for more than a decade now working with the local communities there. He runs a social enterprise and a non-profit organisation.

I grew up in a home that didn't hate dogs but never really loved them either. I was consciously told to avoid dogs, always. And I followed that during the early part of my childhood, till I was 10-11 years old. However, this was to change. I was riding pillion on my uncle's Bullet motorcycle on CMH Road Indiranagar, in Bengaluru, for something early in the morning, about 4 am. Just as we entered CMH Road from Murphy Town (this is before the Metro era), the road was dark. A pack of street dogs started to chase the motorcycle. I…

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