Articles by Amit Pareek

Amit Pareek, is 28 year old seasoned marketer from Mumbai, has dedicated a decade to the advertising and marketing sector. Beyond his professional pursuits, Amit has a love for exploring diverse cultures and their cuisines through his travels. His adventures enrich his professional narrative, blending his marketing expertise with a personal passion for exploration and culinary delights.

Every season brings its own positives and challenges for Aapli Mumbai. Monsoon is over and we are now grappling with the onset of winter and air pollution. Whatever the season and its challenges, it is important to look at the systemic issues and keep the focus on solutions. Only the collective will and efforts of the people and the administration can make the city more liveable. With that thought, Citizen Matters had organised an Essay Competition - Mumbai Monsoon Masterminds, calling for opinions from residents of Mumbai to share their experiences about monsoons and offer unique solutions. In the following…

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