Articles by Amit Bhatt

Amit Bhatt is the director of integrated transport at WRI India. He is based in Delhi and provides vision and leadership to all transport initiatives across WRI India. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture, a Master’s degree in Transport Planning and an additional Master’s degree in Economics.

India’s largest city, and the eighth largest globally, Mumbai houses more than 1.2 crore people according to Census 2011. The city traffic has a notorious image, with frequent traffic jams being reported routinely in the media. However, the Draft Development Plan for Greater Mumbai 2014-2034 conveys a different story of how the city moves. The plan reveals that more than half of the city uses non-motorised modes of transport such as walking and cycling (51%). 42% of the trips are catered to by public modes of transport, including trains, buses, auto rickshaws etc, while the share of cars, two-wheelers and…

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