Articles by Amita Basu

Amita Basu is a Research Fellow at Transitions Research, where she helps design and test behaviour-change programmes to encourage the adoption of low-carbon lifestyles in India. She lives in Bangalore. Away from work, Amita is a writer, mostly of fiction. Her portfolio of published works is at

I’ve lived in Bangalore since 2005; whenever visiting friends want me to take them to Bangalore Palace, I chuckle and confess I haven’t been there myself. We’ve all experienced living in a city whose joys and woes we haven’t fully explored. Guided walks can help us connect more deeply with our cities when familiarity might have bred contempt or, simply, blindness. It was to help residents deepen their understanding of Panaji, Goa’s administrative capital, and to visualise possible futures for Panaji, that Transitions Research, in collaboration with the Travelling Dome, organised guided walks on Friday, 15th March and Sunday, 17th…

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