Articles by Almaas Masood

Almaas Masood is an independent multimedia journalist from Hyderabad. She has received her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, Journalism and Communicative English from St. Mary's in Hyderabad, and her Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism from National School of Journalism, Bengaluru. When not pursuing a story, you will find her tending to her plants, reading, or spending time with Maawii, her pet cat. You can see more of her work on

“Sun’s out, snakes out!” exclaimed Shuayb Ahmed, and Yatin Kalki as they jumped to action. Ahmed, an independent snake rescuer, had received a frantic call from a woman who spotted a snake – claimed to be a juvenile spectacled cobra – in her house in Bengaluru. The team quickly geared up for the ‘rescue’ – an empty pillow case, a snake hook, a hollow pipe, and a flashlight. “Timeliness is key,” Ahmed said, as he hurried to the vehicle. On reaching the house, Kalki went about locating the snake, while Ahmed checked for access points from where the snake possibly…

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