All you want to know about eSevai centres

Whether you wish to get your birth certificate, or apply for a community certificate, or even pay utility bills, you no longer need to visit these different government departments. Check here for a list of all that you can get done through an eSevai centre near you.

The process of getting things done at government offices is often so complex, tedious and time consuming that citizens are loath to even go there. It is perhaps for the same reason that the Tamil Nadu government launched online service centres, called eSevai centres, meant to offer ease of service to the user. What’s best is that these centres are plenty and easily accessible, present in the remotest of villages and even in urban centres.

In Chennai, as elsewhere, these centres can help you with several services that involve government departments and parastatals such as Revenue, TANGEDCO, TNEA, Corporation of Chennai and so on. Anyone can have access to this service through their online link or by visiting an eSevai centre in person.

Locating an eSevai centre

eSevai centres are located in all the divisions of Chennai, and finding one close to you has become easier now, with the government having uploaded a list of each and every eSevai centre with address and other essential information. Click here to find the nearest eSevai centre around you.

There are nearly 65 kinds of services being provided by this online service portal. They include

List of services offered in eSevai centres


  • Community Certificate
  • Native Certificate
  • Income Certificate
  • First Graduate Certificate
  • Deserted Woman Certificate
  • Agricultural Income Certificate
  • Family Migration Certificate Unemployment Certificate
  • Widow Certificate
  • Certificate for Loss of Educational Records due to Natural Disaster
  • Inter-caste Marriage certificate
  • Legal Heir Certificate
  • Other Backward Class (OBC) Certificate Residence Certificate
  • Small / Marginal Farmer Certificate Solvency Certificate
  • No Male Child Certificate
  • Marital status (Unmarried) Certificate
  • License under Pawn
  • Money Lenders License


  • Electricity bill payment


  • Tamilnadu Engineering admission B.E/ online registration.


  • Printing of Birth Certificate
  • Printing of Death Certificate
  • Renewal of trade license
  • Collection of company tax
  • Collection of professional
  • Collection of property tax


  • Water and sewerage tax


  • Collection of Non Tax
  • Collection of Professional Tax
  • Collection of Property tax
  • Collection of Underground Drainage Charge
  • Collection of Water Charges


  • Registration of License under Boilers act
  • Renewal of License under Boilers act
  • Application for Approval of Manufacturer/Erector of Boilers
  • Application for Renewal of Manufacturer/Erector of Boilers


  • Printing of registration ID
  • Application for Renewal
  • Application for Registration
  • Application for profile updation


  • Application for profile updation
  • Application for licence to grant or renewal allopathic drugs
  • Application for licence to grant or renewal Homoeopathic Medicines
  • Application for licence to grant or renewal restricted licence (allopathic drugs)
  • Application for licence to grant or renewal specified in Schedule X drug
  • Application to obtain a duplicate license


  • NOC for MSB Compliance
  • NOC for MSB Planning Permission
  • NOC for Non – MSB Planning Permission
  • MSB Fire License Registration and Renewal
  • Non – MSB Fire License Registration and Renewal.


  • Apply for New Card
  • Card Mutation
  • Printing of Smart Card


  • PDS Aadhaar enrollment


  • Challan payment

WAQF Board:

  • Ulema pension scheme.


  • Issuance of Drawing Approval
  • Issuance of Safety Certificate


  • Relief Assistance to marine Fishermen families during Fishing Ban period
  • Special Allowance to marine Fishermen families during Fishing lean period


  • Loan Assistance
  • Marriage Assistance
  • Maintenance Support

How to avail the eSevai services

Those wishing to avail the eSevai services online can visit the portal at

Others can follow the steps below:

Step 1: Visit the nearby eSevai centre.

Step 2: Let the operator know what kind of service you want to avail

Step 3: Submit all the necessary documents and pay the charges (if any). Then collect the receipt after completion of certificate.

Step 4: Results of the application submitted will be tracked and informed from time to time.

What citizens say about eSevai centres

However, despite the commendable objective, those who often use eSevai centres do not seem to be completely satisfied with the government’s responses. We spoke to people in a number of neighbourhoods and the most common issue faced by users seem to be lack of attention and delayed responses.

Abhishek Kumar (18) who recently shifted from Thiruninravur to Valasaravakkam really got frustrated when his needs were not given much attention. After shifting, Abishek wanted to change his residential address in his Aadhaar card, but ended up visiting the E-Sevai office at least thrice that week. For all such bottlenecks in eSevai centres, the government has also provided customer care services online. All complaints and queries can be registered by sending a mail to or by calling their toll free number- 1 800 425 1333.

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