Aadhaar enrollment and status update experience: A few do’s and dont’s

If you are in Bangalore and looking to enrol yourself to get Aadhaar card, here's a guide for you.

After reading lot of blogs and articles on Aadhar enrollment, I thought would share my own experiences at two centers in Bangalore.

I enrolled in Malleshwaram center and my family members did at Basavangudi center (both are Karvy’s center). I enrolled in December 2013. My family members in January 2014.

Address: 337, Karuna Complex, Sampige Road , Opp. New Vegetable Market, Malleshwaram

Landmark: VGP showroom (1st floor). You can see the Board Aadhar enrollment centre in front of building.

1) I went in at about 9:30 am (on a Monday) and hence could not find much crowd.

2) I filled up the form and gave proof (Rent agreement and PAN card) to the verifying authority (a good retired official who speaks English and Kannada with ease). He ticked my name in form after verifying PAN card and address as in Rent agreement. If the agreement is long he will ask you where is the address and your name in proof document. He will underline them and put his signature with seal.

3) He handed over the token number with time printed on it.

4) It is enough if you go in the time mentioned. No chance they can finish it before the time mentioned in card.

5) I did not go out because I wanted to observe how much time the operator takes for each applicant. He took roughly 20 mins (he also talks in his mobile most of the time).

6) My turn came after three hours (my time in token was 11:30 am but turn came at 12:30 pm). Now you would know why I said you can come as per time mentioned in token.

7) At the time of enrollment, he did not speak much and entered all details correctly. That is why it’s important you fill the form legibly. 8) Iris and finger prints were working fine. 9) He gave a print out of enrollment form.

Once done, I came out. It took three hours totally because it was a Monday.

How to check status?

To check status, I went to http://resident.uidai.net.in/check-aadhaar-status site and filled the details of Enrollment ID and Date and Time. I used to check the status every week and finally Aadhar number got generated in one month. Yet to get my physical card though.

Do’s before filling aadhar enrollment form

1) Take photocopy of address proof and Identity proof.

2) Carry your original proof just in case verification officer wants to see it.

3) Carry details of bank like Bank Name, Branch Name, IFSC code, Account no. (in case you want to link it during enrollment of bank details with aadhar itself)

4) Proof of birth document is present with you (only if you wish to say Birth is Verified and not declared). If you fill Declared then no need of any proof. Note L PAN card is not accepted as proof of birth.

5) Have a working phone number to give during enrollment form.

Do’s while filling aadhar enrollment form

1) Fill the name as in the address proof and identity proof.

2) Fill age column or Date of Birth and Tick Declared (if you dont carry birth proof document) and Verified (if you carry POB doc)

3) Fill the address according to field name and not your own. Eg: Dont put Besides This temple/school in Road field or fill with road/street name in Landmark field.

4) There is an option which states “I have no objection to the UIDAI sharing information provided by me to the UIDAI with agencies engaged in delivery of welfare services.”

You can say Yes or No to it.

5) Write correct address proof document and identity proof document name and not vice versa.

6) Get the signature of Verifying Officer in all THE DOC you attach with FORM.

Do’s during enrollment:

1) Verify all the details esp name and address(because there will be monitor in front of you).

2) Officer types the correct POI and POA doc detail in kiosk enrollment webpage.

 3) Hard press your fingers and thumb in biometrics. It is safe to press hard the fingers than getting x marks on ack slip you get. You will understand this after you see the ack slip.

4) Enrollment officer signs the enrol form.

Do’s after enrolling

1) Please save the enrollment no, Date with time, your full name and mobile number in a searchable place. Since all of us have photo phone, would recommend to have a scanned copy of it in phone or mail. Even in case you lose the form it is safe once you save the details.

2) Check status every week in mentioned portal.


1) Don’t forget to carry your proof documents.

2) Don’t be late after token time is given for enrollment.

3) Don’t keep your fingers wet during enrollment.

4) Don’t carry photo.

5) Don’t post your enrollment number online anywhere other than official aadhar site (if required).

6) Don’t forget to check status every week.

7) Don’t take print out of online aadhar enrollment forms (till UIDAI accepts them) because they all carry a application number on top and online forms are invalid. So FORM should be taken only in enrolment centers.

Now, let us see what are all the status possible in the website (after enrollment):

I got three status totally.

1) For first 20 days, I got the status: EID provided by you is still not available with us. Please check back after few days.

2) After that I got a status, Your enrollment is under process. Please check back after few days.

3) Finally, I got a status, Congratulations! Your Aadhar number is generated.

My family who enrolled at Basavangudi center, had more than five counters for enrollment which was awesome. One major drawback was a few machines (biometrics) not capturing your fingers properly even after three attempts. So the operator has no option but to approve the finger prints. Only God knows it will be accepted in later stages.

Address of Basavangudi Center: NO.51/2, TKN COMPLEX, VANIVILAS ROAD, BASAVANAGUDI

Landmark: Diagonally Opp. To Bank Of Maharastra

Business Hours: 9:30 am to 5:30 PM. They operate on Saturday and Sunday also. Please check with them for the same.

If any doubt on any stages of aadhar please ask me. Thank You for reading a BIG one.




  1. iaadhar aadhar says:

    I have the same issu and want to update aadhar card details. but problem is that i m in Australia so can someone of my family visit aadhaar card center to update mu data

    • Abs says:

      No..you need to be physically present at location because they need your finger print. Can you post your finger to your parents?

  2. Mir Mohsin Ali says:

    Hi! I just received my enrolment slip for Aadhar. What should be my next step?

  3. jegadesh says:

    my status is Review awaited for your request what next step

  4. sushil says:

    I applied in March 2017 and after one months when I checked, it shows that I need to apply again. I again applied in April 2017 and after one month I checked it shows UNDER PROCESS. Surprisingly March 2017 enrollment also shows UNDER PROCESS. It is now 6 months and I am still awaiting. I went to Regional office, New Delhi but the person told me to wait for few days. What should I do? Whom should I meet? What is the remedy? I can apply only after the above enrollments are cancelled. Any suggestions please. Thanks, Place : New Delhi
    Editor: This has been edited to suit comments policy

  5. Mahe says:

    I had tried to enroll on 3 different occasions and my application was rejected each time.

    A few days after submission the status was always “Your application is under manual verification. Please check back after a few days”. This would go on for at least 3 months.

    Towards the end of 3rd month I’d get an SMS/email saying “Your application has been rejected due to documentation error. Please apply again.”

    No explanation as to what was wrong, ever. That information would have helped me rectify the said error if it was found to be on my side. Also I applied at 3 different locations(two in Andhra Pradesh and one in Bangalore), all with the exact same result.

    During the wait period I’d write emails to the contact email address provided on the website. They would respond with standard template answers. Nothing that would help me know what was causing the delay.

    Used to call 1947, the number for customer care for UIDAI, but I’d rarely ever get through. On occasions that I did I get standard answers again. The people who man the phones have no information at their disposal.

    The whole process was a torture of sorts. I had my issues with Aadhaar until about last year and never bothered to apply for it but given how it is being made mandatory for almost everything that is government related(I need to get a duplicate of my DL from AP but can’t because Aadhaar is made mandatory there) I had no choice but to apply for it. Sadly all the infrastructure that was built and money that’s being spent year after year to maintain the system hasn’t been able to put in a robust or simply useful grievance system for cases like mine.

    I had applied for a 4th time yesterday at IndusInd Bank branch in Mahadevapura upon the advice of a good samaritan on internet. The staff there was responsive and helpful and sounded positive on my chances of getting one this time saying that because they’re a direct agent of CSC which has better access to the UIDAI system compared to normal enrolment centres.

    I’m waiting, fingers crossed.

    • david Pradhan says:

      i have the same issue going on with me.i have tried every possible way to get it but doesn’t sound positive at all. did you get yours? this is my 4th time too. let me know if you get it. i might want to try from where you tired. thank you.

  6. Allan says:


    This enrollment is under process. Please check again after a few days.

    This is the stage my enrolment is at. How many more days would it take for Aadhar generation.

  7. Amit says:

    This is all I’ve been shown for the last month:

    “This enrollment packet has not yet been successfully uploaded to the data center. Please check again after days”

    Editor: Comment edited to suit our comments policy.

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