Bengaluru news in brief: Feb 13-24

Our weekly scan of Bengaluru's Kannada dailies includes reports on how Wipro is converting waste food from its canteen into cooking gas to a robot that destroys cancer without surgery at HCG Cancer Institute.

Arts and Culture

‘Throw stones at bad Kannada films’ says actor Rajesh

Senior Kannada actor Rajesh expressed anger about distasteful Kannada films and said "People should discard and throw stones at the films that spoil our culture and taste". He was unhappy with the kind of films made today, and said, "what message do songs like ‘hale patre, hale kabbina, hale paper thara hoyi…’ give to the society? It is really shameful. it is very unfortunate that such films are coming out during the occasion of the platinum jubilee of the Kannada film industry. If Rajkumar and Kalyan Kumar were alive, they would have shed tears about such a poor state of Kannada industry". (Prajavani, Friday, Feb 13)

Nobel laurate lauds Indian culture

It is commonly believed that Indians realise the importance of their culture and tradition only when it is recognised and followed by foreigners. 2005 Nobel laurate physicist Robert Amen taught the importance of Indian culture to the students of Acharya Education Trust. Lauding Indian tradition, Amen said that the Indian traditional wedding should be a model to the world. He also said that traditional clothes suit women more than the western wear. (Kannada Prabha, Monday, Feb 16)


Recession affects catering business

Recession has its direct impact on the food catering business in Bangalore. Cost cutting measures by the IT and BT companies have forced catering contractors to think of alternatives. Many companies have stopped providing meals and some are pressurising for a price reduction. Many feel that the catering business will collapse completely in one year if the situation does not improve. (Prajavani, Monday, Feb 16)


City’s top cop seeths with fury

The rise in criminal activities in Bangalore in general and Jayanagar area in particular has rendered Commissioner Shankar Bidari furious. During a meeting of top officials, he advised two officials of Bangalore South divison to wear a burkha to hide their face in public. Bidari expressed his dissatisfaction regarding the progress of the inquiry into the twin murder cases in Jayanagar recently. ACP Rameshchandra and DCP Ravi were at a loss in calming down their boss. (Vijaya Karnataka, Friday, Feb 20)


Illiterates conduct competition for literates

Slum dwellers, in collaboration with NGOs recently organised a poem writing competion. The kind of response it evoked was most unexpected, with more than 200 entries submitted by people of all walks of life. The ‘Chetanadhare’ trust which works in a slum right in front of ISKON temple in Mahalaxmi layout, and ‘Janasthras Sanghatane’ are the NGOs that made an effort to encourage the efforts of the illiterate with this initiative. (Udayavani, Sunday, Feb 15)

Taare Zameen Par to be screened in schools

Aamir Khan’s Taare Zameen Par will soon be exhibited in government schools in Karnataka. The Sarva Shiksha Abhiyana project and the Education department have finalised a programme involving this film. For the first time a film is being dubbed into Kannada, a tradition so far banned in the state The only hurdle is consent from Aamir Khan, who is yet to give the green signal for the same. It may be recalled here that Gujarat has already adopted the film in the curriculum. (Kannada Prabha, Monday, Feb 16)


Wipro turns food leftovers into cooking gas

Wipro has set a trend of sorts by converting waste food from its canteen in Electronic City into cooking gas. More than 20,000 employees use the canteen everyday, generating 1.5 tonnes of wastes per day. Instead of disposing it as before, it is now recycled, converted into Methane and used as cooking gas. The production is equivalant to six gas cylinders. (Vijaya Karnataka, Sunday, Feb 22)


Court proceedings disrupted

The transfer of 174 court employees to Gulbarga and Dharwar circuit benches has thrown High Court proceedings out of gear. The Chief Justice had recently transferred 84 and 90 employees to these benches circuit benches respectively. Employees alleged that they were transferred without sufficient notice, and chose to protest by abstaing from duty. Though some of the justices were on duty, they have not delivered any verdicts. (Prajavani, Friday, Feb 20)

Woman CM for Karnataka?

A lively debate about having a lady chief minister in Karnataka recently ensued in the state assembly. During proceedings of the Legislative Council, JDS member MC Nanaiah mentioned that the Swamiji of Kodihalli math had predicted that the state will soon have a female CM. Members speculated on who it could be, pointing out to each of the lady MLCs. Members also wondered jokingly whether the said woman would be a spinster or a married lady! (Prajavani, Friday, Feb 20)

Tainted IAS officer protected?

Senior IAS officer AS Srikanth whose name was associated with the Jakkur pilot training institute scam, seems to be favoured by the government. An external agency was appointed to run this prestigeous institute, raising suspicion on the IAS officer as he was involved. Srikanth, who is now secretary of higher education department, was secretary of Youth affairs department at that time. A COD inquiry into the scam alleged that Srikanth destroyed original records of the deal, and sought permission to file an FIR against him. The government is yet to take a decision on the COD’s appeal. (Prajavani, Saturday, Feb 21)

"I almost resigned" admits Lokayukta

Did the Lokayukta Justice Hegde want to resign? The Lokayukta himself disclosed that he had once submitted his resignation to the Governor seven months after he took charge. Speaking at a function organised by the Anti-land encroachment committee, he said that he had done so as he was unable to bear interference in the activities of Lokayukta. But the then Governor TN Chaturvedi had advised him to continue. Justice Hegde said that he is just going about doing his duties with sincerity, and will not worry about what the government will do with the offenders. (Prajavani, Sunday, Feb 22)

Bangaloreans disinterested in voting?

Though the Election Commission repeatedly conducts camps to provide electoral identity cards, the response by Bangalore residents is lukewarm. Now the Commission has started 50 facility centers in different parts of the city where the public can register their names and get ID cards under a single roof. Sadly, the number of applications recieved has not crossed 500. According to the Election Commission sources, only 50 per cent of Bangalore population has electoral ID cards. (Udayavani, Sunday, Feb 22)

Government to allow use of agricultural land for other purposes

The Government of Karnataka is contemplating on allowing agricultural land to be used for non-agricultural purposes by amending the existing Land Reforms Act of 1961. While industrialists are happy with the move, farmers are expressing their concern. This decision may have direct impact on the de
velopment of city outskirts. Industrialists, real estate operators and others will be able to buy and use agricultural land without any restrictions. (Udayavani, Tuesday, Feb 24)

Womens hostel in sorry state

If you want to see a dismal government hostel, you can find one right in the neighbourhood of the Vidhana Soudha. The Bangalore University womens hostel on Palace road is a good example of how a hostel should not be. It houses 125 inmates who are denied even basic facilities, even though students pay Rs 800 every month. The state of food is best left unsaid. More importantly no security is provided at the hostel. (Vijaya Karnataka, Monday, Feb 16)

Babus dither despite CM’s directive

The controversy over the purchasing power between the Kannada and Culture department and library department has come to the fore with the sanction of Rs 5 crores for purchasing Kannada books. Both claim that they are the purchasing authority. The government order too is vague in this regard.Chief minister Yeddyurappa wrote a letter to library department to go ahead with the purchasing, but the finance department has still not cleared the fund as the Kannada and Culture department too wants its share. (Udayavani, Wednesday, Feb 18)

Eunuchs christened ‘mangalamukhi’

The demand of eunuchs in the city to be given a respectful name is finally met as the social welfare department is considering a proposal to christen them ‘Mangalamukhiyaru’ (meaning ‘the auspicious ones’) in official records. They already have a similar name in Tamil Nadu. The state Backward Caste Commission has submitted a proposal to this effect to the Social Welfare minister. after much deliberation, the Commission finally decided to refer to them in the feminine, as most of their behaviour is feminine (Vijaya Karnataka, Wednesday, Feb 18)

Statue controversy resolved

Controversies surrounding the Tiruvalluvar statue in Bangalore and the Sarvajna statue in Chennai have finally been resolved. Kannada activisits did not let the inauguration of the Tiruvalluvar statue at Ulsoor to take place, demanding the Tamil Nadu government to install a Sarvajna statue in Chennai. The Tamil Nadu government finally agreed to oblige, and the Tiruvalluvar statue, safely wrapped up since a decade, may yet see the light of day. (Kannada Prabha, Wednesday, Feb 18)

Government signs MoU with Cisco for ‘Intelligent Urbanisation’

The Government of Karnataka has signed an MoU with Cisco about a pilot project ‘Intelligent Urbanisation’ which intends effective use of technology in the area of security, health etc. This project includes appropriate use of technology for security, health, education, transportation, saving energy in buildings etc. Intelligent Security mainly intends to tighten up the security system for public safety in important bus stations in the city with the help of KSRTC and the police.Several CCTVs with remote operation from the control room will be installed in these places and the police could keep watch on such places every moment. If there is sound of some blast or firing, a high alert message will be transmitted through radio automatically. (Prajavani, Friday, Feb 13)


Eye opener on ‘Madras eye’

‘Madras Eye’, the condition which makes eyes water, inflame and itch, usually surfaces in Bangalore during April or May. However this year many cases are already being reported. Experts say that the reason is weather. The summer humidity makes the virus more active. Doctors clarify that the disease will not spread just due to eye contact. (Vijaya Karnataka, Sunday, Feb 22)

Unscientific disposal of hospital waste in government hospitals

Hospital wastes are hazardous and if not disposed properly, may cause problems to the neighbourhood. Government hospitals in the city do not have a scientific waste disposal system. Hospital waste is being burnt in a park adjacent to Jayanagar Hospital causing problems to the the people in the garden. (Vijaya Karnataka, Friday, Feb 13)

‘Cyber Knife’ to treat cancer coming soon

A robot that destroys cancer without surgery will be introduced at HCG cancer institute of the city soon. The robot ‘Cyber Knife’ is basically a radio therapy machine. Its robotic arms can execute work accurately. This is the best choice when traditional radio therapy is not effective. For example, cancer of the liver, pancreas, brain, lungs and spinal cord can be treated. ‘Cyber Knife’ does not harm the heathy tissues of the body. For details contact 080- 2222564 (Kannada Prabha, Friday, Feb 13)

Rise in viral infection in city

Due to recent weather fluctuation, cases of viral infections have increased in the city. Bangaloreans are suffering from fever and cough because of the rise in temperature. Depression and change in food habits are also contributing factors to this infection. Aged persons and children suffering from asthma, allergy and so on are the worst hit and an early treatment is advised, says Dr. VN Ravikumar, Asst. Professor, MS Ramaiah Medical College. (Prajavani, Saturday, Feb 14)

Gymming in Jayanagar

Jayanagar is one of areas of the city high on the culture quotient. Now gyms have a added new dimension to this traditional place. There are about 40 to 50 gyms in Jayanagar, catering to all sections of society. With people more concerned about health rather than the cost involved, gyms are now a big business. Housewives too are regulars at gyms. (Prajavani, Monday, Feb 16)


Purandara Mantapa in Bangalore

Purandara Mantapa in the historical Hampi is well known. Inspired by its architecture, a similar building has been constructed in Bangalore. You have to visit Nisarga layout near Bannerughatta to see this. The Mantapa, constructed in the midst of a number of Mutts and temples in the layout, creats a spiritual atmosphere. Nirman Sheltors, who built the Mantapa says that it host cultural, spiritual and religious programmes. (Vijaya Karnataka, Thursday, Feb 19)


Underground drainage works for new BBMP areas

Works of underground drainage in the newly added areas of BBMP are likely to start in a month. BBMP has undertaken these works at a cost of Rs 960 crores under the JNNURM project of the Central government with the help of World Bank. Tender process is on. The underground drainage facility will surely provide relief to the people of these areas. (Udayavani, Sunday, Feb 22)

No lab to test quality of drugs

There is no laboratory to test the quality of drugs that are supplied to government hospitals in Karnataka. In most cases the health department does not bother to test the quality. On insistance drugs are sent to Hyderabad for testing. According to an estimation drugs worth Rs 300 crores are supplied to various hospitals without proper examination. There is no mechanism to test whether drugs supplied have the same quality as the sample supplied and tested before placing the order. (Udayavani, Monday, Feb 23)

New peripheral road to have 17 lanes

The peripheral road to be constructed by BDA will have 17 lanes and not 10, as announced in the recent state budget. The 116 km peripheral road will be constructed parallel to the present outer ring road. Government intends to start work on the new road during the next financial year. Two lanes each will be reserved
for BMTC buses and other vehicles. Toll will be collected by all vehicles. The 65 km road between Tumkur road and Hosur road will be taken up in the first phase. (Kannada Prabha, Monday, Feb 23)

Bangalore traffic details now online

Do you want to know about traffic rules in general and vehicular restrictions in particular in Bangalore? Do you want to register a complaint about traffic woes? Just click on This website acts as a link between traffic police and people, and has indepth details of 4,500 kms of Bangalore roads, including instructions on where to take right, left and U turns. The traffic police are to soon come out with a book based on information available in the website. (Kannada Prabha, Tuesday, Feb 24)

Call center for organic farmers

Organic farmers will soon have a call center for their service. To be set up by the organic farming mission by June this year, the call center will provide answers to all questions pertaining to organic farming. The centre will cater to its 51,500 agricultural families in Karnataka, and, apart from answering questions, it will persuade people to take up organic farming. (Kannada Prabha, Tuesday, Feb 24)

Metro works commence in Bangalore north

Metro Rail works have finally taken off in the northern part Bangalore.Works have started in Mahalaxmi layout, Navarang, Devaiah park and Malleshwaram. A barricade is constructed on the road infront of ISKON. Demolition work is on in full swing. There is no protest from the residents in the wake of High court clearing all obstacles to the Metro. This route comes under the North-South Corridor which has more than 600 shops to be demolished. There are allegations that adequate relief is not given to people. (Prajavani, Tuesday, Feb 17)

Controversy denies water to people

The tussle between NICE and former Prime Minister HD Devegowda had resulted in Cauvery water supply denied to the residents of Promod layout in Rajarajeshwarinagar. Pointing this out in a function MLA M Srinivas urged the government to take a final decision on laying a pipeline through the BMIC peripheral road. Works was not taken up in the wake of controversy. The MLA has set a deadline of one week to resolve the issue. (Prajavani, Thursday, Feb 19)

After Volvo, Vajra and Suvarna, it is Big 10

BMTC has launched a series of new buses in recent times. After Pushpak, Suvarna, Volvo and Vajra buses, new buses under the name of Big 10 are plying in the city. These air conditioned buses will connect the central bus stand from 10 different points on the outskirts of Bangalore. Buses will run every 10 minutes. Though the Big 10 resembles a Volvo, it costs as much as an ordinary buses. Chief minister Yeddyurappa inaugurated these buses recently. (Prajavani, Thursday, Feb 19)

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