Citizen Matters is in print

Sleek, 16-pages, condensed, with verve and spirit. Introducing our free print fortnightly.

On 31 January 2009, nine months after Oorvani Media launched, Bangalore’s first online community e-newsmagazine, we are have launched the Citizen Matters print fortnightly magazine.

Our free, sleek, 16-page magazine hit the south Bangalore localities of JP Nagar and BTM Layout II Stage on the morning of 31 January 2009, a day behind schedule. The first issue – Vol 1 Issue 1, dated 30 Jan 2009 – 12 Feb 2009. We encourage you to send us your responses and feedback as we grow to cover other areas of the city.

The following are the distribution areas for launch print edition.

  • JP Nagar III and IInd phases
  • JP Nagar I, IV, V, VI, and VIII phases (partial)
  • BTM Layout Second Stage (partial)

In addition, you can pick up copies at the following local businesses in the J P Nagar/BTM area from Saturday afternoon onwards.

  • Nagasri book shop, 9’th Block, 25’th Main, behind Jayanagar post office
  • Pari’s Houte Couture, Marenahalli/South End Rd, Opp to Megamart
  • K O Jewellery, 24’th Main Road, J P Nagar, just before the road block
  • Pragathi Books & Stationers, On the BTM Ring Road, just past Silk Board,
    next to Bajaj showroom.
  • Factory outlet (shoes), BTM Ring Road, just after Gangothri Hospital,
    before Udipi Garden junction
  • Sai Ram Kodak Whizz, BTM Ring Road, basement of Factory outlet

Three advertisers are participating in this issue. Our thanks to them.

  1. Maya Organic, a furniture retailer offering contemporary designs, at Bannerghatta Road, opposite Shoppers’ Stop. MO is current running a 30% off promotion.
  2. Samhita Academy. A new school that opened on Bannerghatta Road, past Meenakshi Temple, before Tulip Resorts. Admissions open for nursery school and class I-V.
  3. Printo, a one-stop printing solutions store, located in Jayanagar (9th block), Koramangala, and Indiranagar. Print is running 5% discount program for Citizen Matters readers. Use the coupon on page 15 of your print issue.

Our thanks to everyone for staying the course with us! We hope you like our print product just as you did the online magazine. Keep reading and stay involved online and in print!

That’s all for now and see you Feb 13, when our next issue releases.


  1. Vikram Rai says:

    Congratulations Subbu/Meera..!Did have a look at the edition and was very nice and sleek. All the best with the future editions too..!

  2. Prasanna says:

    Congrats for the big leap and all the best! I would love to see North Bangalore grabbing some space on the magazine soon. πŸ™‚

  3. Thejesh G N says:

    Congrats Meera and Subbu. I havent seen one yet. I will try to pick up feb issue.

  4. Siby Kuriakose says:

    congratulations!!when does the rest of Bangalore get their hands on a copy?

  5. Arvind Padmanabh Sudhaker Shenoy says:

    Congratulations ! Way to go Meera and Subbu !

  6. D R Prakash says:

    IT will be very nice if a few copies are made available in Northern part of the city also, atleast to the welfare associations. Another suggestion is to load the print version on the site, similar to many commercial news papers.

  7. Subramaniam Vincent says:

    Dear Mr Prakash, we are working on uploading a PDF version of each print issue on the site; this should become available soon, most likely in the time for our Feb 27 issue, this coming Friday.

  8. B S GANESH says:

    Congratulations to the brainwave of people who started and working. Since politicians are more bothered about themselves than voters from whom they get elected and some act as traitors by changing parties also. In my frank opinion there are no politicians in India who are real politicians with the determination of the principles ” SERVICE, SACRIFICE and PATRIOTISM “. In view of this NGOs have to become REAL POLITICIANS in maintaing the principles of ” SERVICE, SACRIFICE and PATRIOTISM “. I invite comments from readers if my views are wrong or not pertinent.
    B S Ganesh,
    70/9 Basappa Layout, Hanumanthnagar, BANGALORE 560 019

  9. D R Prakash says:

    Dear Mr.Ganesh, I partly agree with you. It is true that the present politicians are the polluticians of politics. They are no better than monkeys, which keeps jumping from branch to branch. They have no ethics, differentiation of good & bad. But a few NGO’s cannot do any good to the society from the political post, as in the first instance, getting elected itself is a doubtful issue, as no masses are behind them. A true team has to be formed throughout the country to mend the system of elections from QUANTITY to QUALITY voting which can see some real changes in political scenario. NOTE : Your posting of comment should have been on a different head and not on announcement of citizen matters in print.

  10. B S GANESH says:

    I wish booklets must be arranged in Gandhi Bazar, Basavangudi, Hanumanthnagar area also to make more people aware of the organistation and support or act as allies in ensuring Bangalore a good crime and corruption-free city first. Later it should spread to other areas cities and outside the state also. Send some copies to our RESIDENTS’ WELFARE ASSOCIATION so that we can also extend our help and improve ourselves also.

    Smt Bharathi Manjunath
    BGBR Association
    No 78, 3rd Cross Gavipuram Extension,
    Bangalore 560 019
    BANGALORE 560 019

  11. Vinita says:

    its time for issue 3 this friday and though i have not seen a printed copy yet, many friends and relatives in jp nagar area feel you could keep a drop box near the copies so that people could contribute what they feel like; rather than giving it free….

  12. Siri Srinivas says:

    I got my copy, and I found CM to be as good as ever. Mature, high quality and oodles of substance. If anything, the only disappointment was that it had too few pages for my liking. πŸ™‚

    That said, KUDOS, BOUQUETS, DOFFED HATS AND APPLAUSE FOR THE DESIGN TEAM. Even at my impartial best, I have to say that the look of the magazine was so PERFECT. (The caps are necessary!) *Bows*

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