An elevating experience

It was my New Year resolution to do something different on weekends that led me to these boulders of Turahalli.

Turahalli Boulders

I responded to an email from the Wanderers, an adventure and outdoor events group, on a day long rock climbing and trekking program at Turahalli, 10 kilometres from namma Bengaluru.

On the scheduled day, I was surprised to see so many people at the meeting point – the Adigas on Kanakapura road. I later learnt Turahalli is a popular place for rock climbing and many groups visit this place on weekends.

Turahalli is very close to the city. This is a photo from the base of the boulders. You can see the expanding skyline of Bangalore.

City Skyline


Narasimha, our instructor, shows us the techniques of rock climbing. He makes it look very easy! I could only climb this boulder on the second attempt with great difficulty.

Rock climbing

Rappelling down a 40 feet rock face. Now this was easy as the weight is held by the rope. All one has to do is walk down.



The group of amateurs rock climbers- tired, but happy.

Amateur rock climbers

About Turahalli

Turahalli is a hill full of boulders of various sizes and shapes. It is a dry deciduous region full of shrubs and trees like the eucalyptus. This hill is the rock climber’s paradise. Every weekend there’s almost six to eight individual groups who come here to practise rock climbing. While some like us are novices, who come here to enjoy the experience, there are also professional climbers who practice here for international climbing events.


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