Mahalakshmi Layout: Strong incumbent against ex-deputy Mayor

14 candidates including sitting MLA Narendra Babu and BBMP corporator S Harish are flighting it out in Mahalakshmi Layout. Though seen as a proactive MLA, Narendra Babu is yet to solve many issues in the area.

With over two lakh voters, the traditional neighborhoods of the Mahalakshmi Layout constituency are a hot spot for commercial activities too. Narrow roads and water supply shortage have been the foremost issues left unresolved by the incumbent and earlier elected leaders.

Abutting the major localities of Yeshwantpur, Rajajinagar and Malleshwaram, this constituency has grown at a fast pace. There is also an exodus of workers from Peenya Industrial suburbs to the quieter locales of Nandini Layout and Mahalakshmipuram.

The constituency consists of seven wards. JDS and Congress have three corporators each along with the lone BJP representative, S Harish from Nagapara, who is also contesting. There are 2.12 lakh voters in 2013. There has been no significant increase in the voter base since 2008.

Key issues

The water scarcity problem has been a major issue in all the seven wards of the constituency. There are certain zones, which don’t receive water for over 24 hours at times. The sitting MLA Narendra Babu has apparently put in efforts to resolve this issue, but not succeeded much yet. The other candidates have solving the water problem as their major poll promise. The residents also face garbage-related problems, with garbage mounds not been cleared in many places.

How the sitting MLA has dealt with the area

People feel, Narendra Babu, the incumbent MLA, has tried to address garbage problems. Narendra Babu blames the previous Kumaraswamy and Yediyurappa governments’ for inadequate planning. During his tenure, the areas mostly in the vicinity of Babu’s residence has seen significant improvements in the garbage situation, with mobile vehicles collecting garbage.

He has organised various meetings with BBMP commissioner Siddhaiah to address the same.

Citizen Matters spoke to Narendra Babu who claims the following as his achievements:

  • established a training center for skilled and unskilled work
  • introduced in the program — Bring back the Birds
  • started Udyoga Mitra for jobs for children of single parents and Udyoga Mahila to help women in need.

As an MLA, he’s been easily accessible to the public at large and has a reputation has a very patient and humble person. This time, Babu apparently does not have the support of his Congress corporators.

S Harish, BJP corporator for Nagapura Ward and Narendra Babu’s rival candidate now and S K Krishnamurthy, Congress corporator for Mahalakshmipuram ward spoke about the key issues in all the wards of the Mahalakshmipuram constituency. They spoke of development of the roads, establishment of streetlights and correcting the various water problems. Both complimentedthe Narendra Babu for his good performance.

Aneesh, IT Consultant, spoke admiringly of Babu’s Janaspandana programmes. Ranjita, B.Com IV year at Aurbindo College, expressed her plan to vote for Congress, as her family has voted for Congress since the times she can recall. The Congress candidate Narendra Babu is her favourite for his dedication towards improving and providing for the locality. Babu is said to have helped Ranjita’s father, a building contractor, cover his insurance. Narendra, 60, a driver, plans to vote for Congress. Sunil, owner Sanjeevani Medical, believes in selecting the right candidate by looking at his portfolio and not his party. He’s also particular about the voting rights for women.

Interestingly, Narendra Babu has seen a phenomenal increase in his wealth since 2008, from Rs 12.89 lakh in 2008 to Rs 1.53 crore till date, a thousand fold increase.

Candidates: 2013

Narendra Babu is the three-time corporator and two-time MLA from the area.

S Harish, the ex-deputy Mayor is the BJP candidate. He has organised the Janamana Jatre, an event for the locals, which attracted around 3000 residents. His efforts of turning eco-friendly, claimed to have generated 1-1.5 lakh from the plastic dry waste. Being a volleyball player himself, he has organised the annual Vajpayee Volleyball tournament for the last 12 years. He is active in politics for last 20 years. Harish says former Prime Minister Vajpayee is his role model and inspiration. He’s determined to correct the water problems faced by the residents of Nandini Layout if elected as MLA.

Rajshree Mudaliar, an entrepreneur is contesting as the Loksatta candidate. Rajashree intends to rid the political system of corruption. She plans to bring in changes in the government schools with better-equipped system and staff in place. She also intends to create booth wise committees to address issues. Rajshree doesn’t have any prior political experience. Loksatta founder JP Narayan inspires her. She says her campaign budget amounts to five lakhs.

Veeresh Kumar, the JDS candidate says Devegowda and Revanna are his inspirations. He says his social work includes getting pension for the aged and handicapped. He claims to have limited campaigning resources for the elections and says his goal is good politics.

Candidate& Age
Party &
Total Assets/ Liabilities & Cases
S. Harish (46) BJP (Lotus) Total assets:
Rs 2.4 crore
Total liability:
11 lakhs
#364, 19th F Main 1st N Block, Rajajinagar Bengaluru – 10
Profession- Builder
K. Gopalaiah (52) JDS (A Lady farmer carrying paddy on her head) Total assets:
Rs 7.1 crore
1 crore
     Magadi main road, Vrushabhavathinagar, Banglore
  • B.Sc Graduate
  • 9036666600

a  A former corporator from Vrushabhavathinagar ward (1996-2001)

Total assets: Rs 34 lakhs
No liability
Rajshree Muralidhar, Mahalaxmi Layout.
Ph: 9844619832,
Profession: Marketing Manager
VEERESH KUMAR T (42) KJP(Coconut) Total assets:
Rs 4 crores
Total liability:
23 lakhs
#1251, Pavithra Nilaya, 10th Main, West of chord road, 2nd stage, Mahalakshmipuram, Bangalore 560086
Ph:9880199559, 080 23492799
Graduate, Civil contractor
MANOHAR .H. AYYANNAVAR (50) IND(Ring)   # 119/120, 5th Cross, 1st Main, Shakthiganapathinagara, Basaveshwaranagar, Bangalore-79
K.N. SRIDHARA (48) IND (Saw)   # 50/20, 2nd Cross, Parimalanagara, Nandini Layout, Bangalore -96
  • Social service for 25 yrs.
  • Member of the RSS
LOKESH L (31) BSP (Elephant)   # 9/1, 1st Main road, 2nd Cross, Kanteeravanagara, Nandini Layout, Bangalore-96
Ph:9901756683, 9483266001
  • Entered politics six months prior to this date
  • Kanshi Ram, founder of BSP has been his inspiration
  • Wants to deal with the issue of slums once elected
KRISHANAMURTHY (39) BSRC(ceiling fan) Total assets:
Rs 26 lakhs
No liability

# 842, 6th Main Road, 3rd Cross Kamalanagara, Bangalore-79
9964069992, 782940250
completed SSLC

  • 18 years in politics
  • Intends to bring a nationalized bank, co-operative bank, post office in the wards because residents need to go upto Basaveshwarnagar for the same.
  • He is supporting over ten students who have passed SSLC for higher studies
  • Sriramulu and Janardhana Reddy are his inspirations.
P.K. PATIL (47) IND(Gas Cylinder)   # 119, 14th Cross, 1st K Block, Rajajinagar, Bangalore-10
Dhananjaya R.(29 IND(Kite)   No, 5, 4th J Cross, 4th Main Road, Maruthinagar, Vrushbhavathinagar, Kamakshipalya, Bangalore-79
Ph: 9845174853
VARALAKSHMI M (40) IND(Air-Conditioner)   #213, 2nd main road, munneshwar block, mahalakshmi layout, blore-86
Ph: 9035173061,  7406140826
  • Active in politics for 2 years.
  • Corruption has inspired her to step into politics to try change the system.
  • Has limited resources; doesn’t believe in gargantuan spending.
Narendra Babu (51) INC(Hand) Total assets:
Rs 1.5 crore
Total liability:
Rs 2.8 lakh
N.L. Narendra Babu, MLA, No.904, 9th A Cross, II Stage, WC Road, Near Modi Hospital, Bangalore-560086
Ph; 9845186673
B.Sc Graduate
  • Narendra Babu has strategised his campaign to be people-friendly. He walks around the parks from around 6.30 am to 8.00 am in the morning and campaigns door to door.
  • Youth empowerment and water conservation are priorities.
C. INDRANI (55) IND(Carrot)   # 159, K.H.B.Colony, J.B.Kaval, Nandini Layout, Bangalore-96
  • Has been a social worker for 35 years
Raja A. IND(Battery Torch)   # 119, 11th Main Road, J C Nagara, Bangalore-86
  • This is his first political endeavor
  • Campaign budget is Rs 10,000


  1. Vasanthkumar Mysoremath says:

    Water problem is universal in all areas of Bengaluru. Narendra Babu is my kind of candidate. He always returns the calls made to him and even visits personally the problem areas like potholes, water, sewage block, marriages, funerals and I have seen him helping a roadside Banana seller with a pushcart and widows with sewing machines and iron boxes to many for earning their livelihood. His annual Books Distribution event helps thousands of poor students to continue their studies, school bags, pen/pencils, geometry boxes are regularly handed over to poor students who visit his home office. Anushrutha, a landmark training centre in Kurubarahalli is a unique experiment in reaching out to the poor where free medical check ups and medicines at concessional rates are supplied to the BPL card holders and senior citizens. Before delimitation, he had built up Rajajinagar from scratch and now it is a part of the central business district. He is a regular visitor to BBMP and Government schools in the constituency and a favorite star of even small children. He not only acts but also ACTS when people need his help. I expect him not only to get voted but also get a ministerial berth in the new congress ministry in Karnataka in the 14th Karnataka Assembly. I wish him all the best.

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