A Day at KSCA

It’s a whole different experience to watch India’s most popular game at the stadium. The crowd, the buzz, watching players warm up, huge shouts as Tendulkar walks in, boos when there is a war of words between the teams, there are no Ad breaks here or replays – the atmosphere is enticing and you become a part of it.

My friends and I entered the KSCA stadium, we passed the security check (five security guards and two metal detectors) and raced up the stairs to get a good view of the players(there are no seat numbers in our gate). It was the third day of test match at Bangalore. Viru and Gambhir were at crease. Some photos from my cell phone.

At KSCA, 3rd day of Bangalore Test match

We lost quick wickets and the whole stadium went silent when Tendulkar was out. Spirits were low when Laxman soon followed suit.

Crowd silent as a wicket falls

However there was a good cheer for the Dada as he walked towards the pitch. ‘Mesmerizing Maharaj’ declared a fan on his placard.

Fans cheer as the ball races to the boundary

By Noon, the entire stadium was full – I could spot girls, with their cheeks painted, cheering as hard as the boys in the crowds – a good sign for the future of Test cricket? I hope it never bows out to twenty20.

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