All about BMTC bus passes

With soaring fuel prices, travelling by bus is a good option. Day passes, monthly passes and yearly passes, BMTC hasn’t made it too simple!

BMTC bus passes come in seven types targeting different groups of citizens. This chapter will give you a quick run through.

1. Vajra and A/C Suvarna Daily Pass
Vajra Gold Day Pass: Rs.90 – valid for travel on all services except Vayu Vajra & Bangalore Rounds
A/c Suvarna Day Pass Rs 50 – valid for travel on all services except Vajra, Vayu Vajra and Bangalore Rounds

2. Vajra monthly pass
Vajra Monthly Gold Pass: Rs 1450 (Requires a BMTC ID Validation- BMTC ID is valid for three years and can be procured at KBS for a fee of Rs 100 and stamp size photograph, Pan card, DL, Voters ID, Passport & Govt Employee ID)
Vajra Monthly Student Pass: Rs.950 (Requires College/Institution ID Validation)
Vajra Monthly Pass Holders can travel on all services except Vayu Vajra and Bangalore Rounds

3. Vayu Vajra monthly pass
Vayu Vajra Gold Monthly Pass: Rs 2650
Valid for travel on all services

4. Ordinary monthly pass
City : Rs 550     
Unlimited travel in all non -A/C services within city limit for one month.
Suburban /Pushpak/Suvarna : Rs 725
Unlimited travel in city, suburban and Pushpak/Suvarna services for one month.

5. Senior citizens concessional monthly commuter pass
City :  Rs 495     
Unlimited travel in all non -AC services within city limit for one month.
Suburban/Pushpak/Suvarna :  Rs 650    
Unlimited travel in all City, Suburban and Pushpak/Suvarna services for one month.

6. Day pass
Day Pass : Rs 40 (permitted to travel in BMTC’s city , suburban, pushpak/suvarna services for one day) in        possession of ID card.
Day Pass : Rs 45 (permitted to travel in BMTC’s city, suburban, pushpak/suvarna services for one day ) in non-possession of ID card.
Blind pass : Free ( BMTC honors the Blind passes issued by KSRTC)
Physically Challenged pass: Rs 550 per annum (BMTC honors the Physically challenged passes issued by KSRTC)

7. Student pass
a) Primary and secondary students :   Rs 70  for a period of 10 months.
b) Higher secondary school students :  Boys : Rs 770, Girls : Rs 595, for a period of 10 months.
c) College students (including PUC , Degree & Professional)  :
          For 5 months :    Rs 620
          For 10 months :  Rs 1170
          For 12 months :  Rs 1390
d) Tech & Medical Students
          For 5 months   : Rs 770
          For 10 months  : Rs 1470
          For 12 months  :  Rs 1750
e) Professional Courses ( ITI, Diploma, Nursing, B.Ed, D.Ed etc)
         For 6 months : Rs 745
         For 12 months: Rs 1420
f) Evening college students
        For 5 months :  Rs 770
        For 10 months : Rs 1470
        For 12 months : Rs 1750
(Student pass not applicable for Vayu, Vayu Vajra and A/C bus services)

Pass Issue Counters

Kempegowda Bus Station, Neelasandra Bus Station, Shivajinagar Bus Station, Hampinagar Bus Station, Shanthinagar Bus Station, Nandini Layout BS, BMTC Indiranagar Depot, Nelamangala BS, Domlur Bus Station, Chowdeshwari Bus station (Mattikere), Jeevanbhimanagar Bus Station, Vidyaranyapura Bus Station, KR Puram Bus Station, Yelahanka 5th phase, Kalyanagar Bus Station, Rajajinagar 1st block, BMTC RT Nagar Depot, Malleshwaram Bus Station, Basaveshwaranagar Bus Station, Jayanagar TTMC, Vijayanagar Bus Station, Channammankere Accukattu, Chandra Layout BS, BTM layout Bus station, Banashankari TTMC, Electronic city Depot-19, Kengeri Bus Station, KR Market, Yeshwanthpura TTMC, Kadugodi.


  1. Usha Sreekanthan says:

    where do we get a book enumerating the timetable and bus routes?

    Makes sense to use the buses when and where possible especially if one is travelling alone.

  2. manjunatha HN says:

    mercury Corrugators

  3. swarna says:

    how much do they charge for the kids who are 6 years old on bmtc buses?. today on my travel , i paid full ticket in normal ksrtc bus and half ticket in vayu vajra … i searched in bmtc website where there is no clear information about eh child fare in bmtc busses… can neone let me the same…

  4. Nitesh Sharma says:

    i lost my yearly bmtc bus pass can i renew a new pass

  5. Shivakumar says:

    Provide me the procedure for taking police pass… Send complete details with fares

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