Butterflies in my garden

Your little garden is not just for your plants. It supports a lot of animal life too. Do you see butterflies and squirrels in your garden?

Try this – Close your eyes and describe the image that comes to mind on hearing the word ‘garden’. I tried this with my family while writing this piece and was surprised to hear the different responses that emerged. For my 6-year-old it was all about brightly coloured flowers and toys, her father spoke of cobbled pathways, birds chirping and greenery all around. For me, the word ‘garden’ always brings to mind an image of butterflies flitting around lots of plants in bright sunshine!


  1. Arathi Manay Yajaman says:

    So informative Vinita! We will use your tips at Puttenahalli Lake.

  2. Veena says:

    Started out as balcony gardening enthusiast and now keenly watch out for the visiting wildlife to -my small patch : bulbuls and sunbirds ,tailor birds , tits the and insects ..must say its an unmatched experience to watch a sunbird weave a soft coccoon and test it for comfort , a mud dauber’s nest ( that I decided to let be, once I found that the lone insect is rarely aggressive)..

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