HSR Residents complain of police inaction

Residents wanted immediate action. DCP’s promise of prompt action didn’t make a mark.

"Our department will take this as a challenge, support us, we will make the process more easily" says Deputy Commissioner of Police, Dr P S Harsha (south east division).

DCP Harsha addressing the HSR layout residents.
Pic: Vijayalakshmi P

Federation of HSR Layout Residents Welfare Association on 28 Janaury, conducted an interaction session with the police officials at HSR club. The topic of discussion was mainly crime and traffic problems.

"I am ashamed about the theft that happened in the at 6th sector where many IPS officers and commissioner reside , still the cases are not solved. Why?" asked Dr. Rajesh Urs

Though every resident present wanted to be heard only a few got the opportunity. The complaints ranged from theft of gas cylinders, to chain snatching and burglary.

HSR RWA vice chairman Brigadier R S Murthy sector 2 , brought up the issues of senior citizen safety and bars coming up in the residential area. R S Hiremath, president, HSR Layout Sector 2 Residents’ Welfare Association presented a slide show on the traffic problems in the area. The slide show touched on areas like illegal encroachment of land by workshops, mini portable hotels and carpet sellers.

Another resident Basavaraju complained that police were uncooperative when they tried to file a complaint about stolen gas cylinders. Svarna another resident also complained about police inaction. "My husband was admitted at the hospital when i was robbed , immediately I approached the police they did not file my report, neither came to my house to investigate." She said.

In respond to the grievance of the public DCP Harsha said they were doing their best. "Our department is doing their best to catch the crooks, every month we keep a track on criminals and burglars who are in the society. We are doing our best to find the culprit, give us some time we will bring them to light" he said.

Residents however were not convinced there will be any action. "This is just like any other meet and, I don’t think I will get a solution for my problem" said Svarna after the interaction.


  1. Venkat says:

    I want speak with IPS officer. Please help me.

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