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Sorry for the late post. I have been doing a lot of dashing through the streets this week to fulfil pending social commitments rather than the kind of travel I’d prefer. Today is the first real day to put my feet up, relax and wander through the web world.

For those who want to travel and cannot (inflation, blasts etc), here’s an interesting link I found on one of the blogs I frequent. Photographer Tito Dupret undertook this epic journey across the world in 2001, when he read that Taliban were destroying Buddhist temples in Afghanistan. He started a monumental task of visiting UNESCO’s world heritage sites and documenting them with panoramic pictures. You can see the pictures here. It’s been seven years since he’s on the road, travelling across countries, camera in hand and a dogged determination to cover all the heritage sites.

I went to the Pyramids in Egypt, the Tower of London and closer home, stood in the Virupaksha temple courtyard at Hampi. You can zoom in or turn 360 degrees around the place. For more features, one has to register. Happy Travelling.

Also interesting is Tito’s interview where he speaks about this venture, his marriage (he fell in love and married during his travels) and his upcoming projects. Read on.


  1. Gopal M S says:

    Lovely link. it’s pPerfect for this desktop traveller.

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