Reviving an age old tradition

Richards Park has the proud privilege of being probably the only park in Bangalore to have a Band playing at the Bandstand year after year. Come December the Richards Town Residents Association (RTRA) invites the Army, Police and Air Force Bands to play at the majestic Wheeler Pavilion set up in the early 1900’s at the heart of Richards Park.

Wheeler Pavilion

Residents of the area, young and old, turn up in large numbers to attend this musical evening. Bringing back memories of the days of the British, many old timers recollect the days when Indians and dogs were not allowed to attend these performances. Richards Park with its well manicured lawns and landscaping is a perfect backdrop to the tunes rendered by the bands. The crowds are spread all over the park and you find many of them even standing outside to enjoy the music. Enthralling the audience with a medley of marching, patriotic and popular tunes both Western and Indian the service bands are a great favourite with the residents of the area.

Songs like Colonel Boogey and Cavalry Brigade together with pop numbers like Barbie Girl, Shala la la and Surangani have the audience tapping their feet in unison and singing along with the band. Solemn numbers like Sare Jahan se Accha and Vande Mataram add patriotic flavour. Abide with me is a perfect conclusion to the melodious evening.

The Commandant of the host corps together with his wife and other dignitaries grace the occasion which ends with high tea. RTRA has been hosting these performances since 2002 and the accolades from the well entertained audience speak volumes of the success of the evening.

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