Is Cauvery water coming to your area in 2012?

If you are wondering how 500 million litres per day of the Cauvery's last allowed run of water for parched Bangalore is going to be distributed next year, don't miss this article. Your area could be in there.

In the Cauvery Phase II, stage IV project, 500 MLD (million litres per day) will be supplied to the entire city. This will be divided among ten reservoirs, which will supply water to areas surrounding them. The project is expected to be complete in March 2012. Reservoir construction work is in progress and about 50% of pipeline work is complete, say BWSSB officials.

Reservoirs are being built in GKVK campus in Vidyaranyapura (which will be allocated 151 MLD), Hegenahalli reservoir near Peenya (98 MLD), Jambu Savari Gudda in JP Nagar (27 MLD), Central Jail in Bilekahalli ward (43 MLD), Hoodi, off of Whitefield (30 MLD), Aero Engine Reservoir (AER) in New Thippasandra (75 MLD), OMBR (47 MLD), Machili Betta Reservoir (MBR) in Maruthi Seva Nagar (14 MLD) and HBR reservoir (15 MLD). A new reservoir is being planned in Ramamurthy Nagar, but the allocation for this has not been decided. This addition has been made due to demand, says Narayan, Chief Engineer (Cauvery Project).

Construction of seven reservoirs is directly under the Cauvery project; rest will be built by other departments of BWSSB and integrated, says G M Shivaraju, Executive Engineer (Cauvery). "Minor changes will be made in allocation according to demand and feasibility," he says.

Water supply route

BWSSB schematic of the line of reservoirs to get the last tranche of 500 MLD Cauvery water for Bengaluru. Click for larger picture.

On reaching the city, waterline from Tataguni pumping station will be diverted in two directions – west and east. In the west side, water will be supplied to GKVK and Hegenahalli reservoirs. Hegenahalli reservoir already draws water from Cauvery phase I. After phase II completion, its phase I line will be diverted to a new reservoir being built in Uttarahalli. Uttarahalli reservoir will supply 40 MLD water to areas such as Poornaprajna layout, Kadirenahalli etc.

In the east side, water will be first pumped to Jambu Savari Gudda reservoir. From here, water will flow by the force of gravity to Central Jail, Hoodi and AER reservoirs. One line will go to B Narayanapura pumping station near KR Puram. This station will pump water to Ramamurthy Nagar and OMBR layout reservoirs. From OMBR, water will flow to MBR and HBR reservoirs by gravity.

So who is going to get the new water next year?

Here are details of allocation from the reservoirs to surrounding areas. This information was obtained from BBMP Corporators.

GKVK reservoir: Of 151 MLD, 36 MLD will go towards Airport, industries etc. The remaining 115 MLD will be supplied to GKVK, other areas in Vidyaranyapura ward and parts of Bommasandra.

Hegenahalli (98 MLD): Domestic supply lines will go to Hegenahalli, Sunkadkatte, Vijnana Nagara, Peenya etc. One line will to the international airport. Some lines will go to Peenya and other industrial areas.

Jambu Savari Gudda (27 MLD): Areas include HSR layout, part of BTM layout, JP Nagar 5th and 6th phase etc. "All areas that need water have been covered, there are no issues. All decisions were made by BWSSB," says JP Nagar Corporator N Chandrashekhar Raju.

Central Jail (43 MLD): Bilekahalli, Bommanahalli, Electronic City companies, etc.

Hoodi (30 MLD): Four areas – Ayyappa Nagar, Sadaramangala, Kodigehalli and Hoodi – are going to be getting water. These are old CMC areas. "Water supply is needed in other areas also. I’ve spoken to BWSSB officials and ministers about this, but they said that it would take time to supply to these areas. They will have to depend on borewell water for now," says Hoodi Corporator B A Basavaraju.

Aero Engine Reservoir (75 MLD): Will supply to New Thippasandra, CV Raman Nagar, Benniganahalli and Jeevan Bheema Nagar. BEML located in New Thippasandra ward will also get water.

OMBR Layout (47 MLD): Will go to CV Raman Nagar, Banaswadi, Ramamurthy Nagar etc.

Machili Betta (14 MLD): located in Maruthi Seva Nagar ward. Will supply to Kammanahalli, Maruthi Seva Nagar etc

HBR Layout (15 MLD): Will go to HBR layout, HRBR layout, Kammanahalli etc.


  1. Nagaraja Magonahalli says:

    It is high time BWSSB starts planning for recycled water to other than kitchen purposes. 1.we like to know how much of RWH has helped it day by day. 2. what is the extent ofusage/exploitation of borewells in the city. 3. why not have metres to borewells and collect royalty from Apartt owners wo use water lavishly. 4. How much water levels have raised in lakes in and around Bangalore. 5. Publish Water Accounts once in 3 months as awareness programme-much more neds to be done.

  2. Vidyut Shenoy says:

    While BWSSB does its job, it is also the responsibility of citizens to use water properly and care for the environment. How many of us really recycle water? Do we really think of reducing usage? Are we only paying lip service to Rain Water Harvesting?
    One sees residents using water like there is no tomorrow. Especially in individual houses there are people who wash their cars everyday .. using a hosepipe no less. Is it necessary?

  3. Sudeep Biswas says:

    I vote to Nagaraja’s points specialy to force point (2) & (3) by the civic authorities.
    Is there any forum where we can pass on these messages to BWSSB ?

    These are very concerning we need concrete discusions with BWSSB officials.

  4. V T Sunil says:

    While the government may try to do whatever they could , It is high time that we all understand the potential of Rainwater harvesting. The good news is that several households have implemented RWH after nearly “threatening” messages from government. The sad news is that many of those installed systems could be just eyewash. It took only 2 summer rains (last week end) to fill my water sump of 10K litters and that is enough for me to satisfy my 4 member family’s water requirement for 20 days. I stay within the newly added BBMP areas where we are depending only on tanker water. There is no BWSSB, no panchayath to help us on water- or any other basic requirements like streetlights. Several bore wells in the area have gone dry in this year. Many deeper bore wells are dug daily and they are anywhere between 900ft to 1200ft deep. While people are willing to spend almost 2Lakh for each bore well they show less interest in investing few thousands to implement an efficient RWH system. Ironically every 30×40 sites are digging a bore well in the outskirts of the city. If interested to read more,I have shared my experience in the BlogSpot . V T Sunil.

  5. k n g rao says:

    It is really surprising as to how BBSSB assures Cauvery water to all in the city when so many flats are being built thoughtlessly where even borewells have failed in a matter of 2-3 years
    Construction of flats is in full swing
    probably even BBMP is not aware if these are following the norms.

  6. Ranjeet Mani says:

    It is the end of may of 2012 and we havent yet had any water supply to the residents of Ramamurthy Nagar. I am not surprised at the delay since our government is busy playing “blame game” . And you know what is more amusing is, we talk as if everything is sorted and the only problem that we still have in our hands is the water shortage. Well,I would definitely like to bring to notice that even today some parts of Bangalore still do not have proper drainage system. I myself am a victim in this case. We’ve been residing at Ramamurthy Nagar for the last 3 years or so and even till date,I have actually seen people get into these filthy pits in my locality to clean it out. I think the people who give press releases saying there arent any more pits in bangalore should actually go outside their offices before they make any more of their ridiculous claims.

  7. phanisai says:

    I would like to know the names of those wards which are going to benefit from Uttarahalli reserviour. As per my understanding from other sources are Uttarahalli is one among the other CMC’s under Bommanahalli zone which has been listed under Cauvery IV phase.

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