Hassle free ride: JP Nagar to Electronic City

A couple of weeks back, bored on a Sunday morning, I set off on small exploration trip. From JP Nagar 6th phase Nandini Hotel stop, I took a 215C to Jambusavari Dinne (JP Nagar 8th phase) -the ride took about 15 minutes for the 5 km stretch.

As the bus stopped at Jambusavari Dinne, a bus on route No. 378 passed by with the LED board showing "Electronic City" with reasonable crowd. I enquired with someone standing nearby and learnt that bus had a good frequency. In about two minutes, I noticed another 378 came on opposite side, bound for Kengeri and was full. Within the next 2-3 minutes another bus came towards Electronic city and I boarded it.

The bus after Jambusavari Dinne reached Bannerghatta Road (Gottigere) and took a right turn, crossed NICE road to Koli farm stop and took a left turn-from there it was a village kind of road having space only for a single bus to move-the road was well tarred and the vehicles moving on the road included a few 2 wheelers and some rare cars. The only bus service frequenting the route was 378 which were crossing us regularly.

The route followed by the bus
Kengeri-JSS institutions-Chennasandra-Uttarahalli-Vasanthapura-Konanakunte cross-Jambu Savari dinne- Gottigere- Koli farm- CK palya cross- Vaddarpalya- Bettadasapura- Neeladri-Wipro-E.City

After about 20 minutes of drive on the road passing plots with cement compound walls, barren farm lands and a small number of buildings, crossing through Vaddarapalya, Bettadasapura, Thiglur etc. I spotted some high rise buildings. The bus had reached Neeladri Nagar of Electronic city

Slowly the bus crossed the WIPRO office (G-2 last stop), SBI and terminated at Electronic City gate.

I liked the route mainly because on weekdays the regular routes via BTM and Silk board chokes up with traffic and its a hurdle crossing every signal. This route is a completely signal free route and even on weekdays I feel the distance can be commuted in about 30-35 minutes (Crossing Jayadeva-Silk board stretch itself takes 40 minutes at peak hour)

A fantastic exploration by BMTC and a well patronised route too. At present Volvo cannot be expected as roads are too narrow for commuting-but is a relaxing experience travelling without traffic on a 10-15 kilometre stretch of Bangalore.


  1. Chandar says:

    Hi Siddarth,

    My wife travels regularly in this bus from Jumbosavri Dinne to EC.
    But the main problem with 378 bus is the timings.
    The Bus doesn’t come on time,If its Late 2 buses will come together and there will be a competition between this buses.
    I had complained a couple of times with BMTC ,they assured that they will increase the frequency,but nothing happened till now.May it will after few months.


  2. Siddharth S says:

    Might be!! Travelling on a sunday there wee chances that they came on time or it was my luck too sir. anyway lest hope for positive response from BMTC with regard to same

  3. Vivek says:

    they should start volvo, with same bus number 378. so people will start using it right away.

  4. Siddharth S says:

    The problem is strech between Gttigere and Neeladri-driving Volvo on that strech will be a very tedious task

  5. Siddharth S says:

    Now along with 378 its variants 378A, B and C have come out0if someone knows route please tell the same

  6. Siddharth S says:

    378 variant routes

    378A: Huskur to Kengeri via rouet of 378

    378B: Jayanagar 4th block to Electronic city via J.P.Nagar 1st phase, Jambusavariidinne from where it goes in route of 378

    378C: Kengeri to Electronic City via Uttarahalli, Chikkalasandra, J.P.Nagar 6th phase, Vijayabank colony, Begur and shikaripalya

  7. Chandar says:

    Wow!! that is a good thing to know that they have started 2 more routes .
    Atleast now the frequency will be more and crowd in the bus will be reduced..
    Hope they start maintaining a proper time instead of all the buses coming one after the other..

  8. elizabeth says:

    could anybody tell me the schedule of 378B from J.P nagar 1st Phase to Electronic City in the mornings and Electronic City to J.P nagar 1st Phase in the evenings?

  9. Siddharth S says:

    Though 378B was quite frequent its a long time sicne I spotted it-however once at around 4 Pm I spotted it going towards E.city-not sure of the return

    However I regularly spot a 378C(Via 6th phase underpass) at 10:30AM and same returns at around 7PM to 6th phase enroute Kengeri-and generally seen it maintaining the time and is picking up crowd too these days

  10. Pravina says:

    It was a great news for me to know there is a bus going from Jambusaveri Dinne to Electronic City. I was looking for this route for a long time, and non knew about this bus. I want to know whether any of these buses pass Brigade Millenium? Please reply.Thank you

  11. Pranav C S says:

    Is the FREQUENCY of 378 buses more during the morning times(7am-8am). I have to go to RV College Of Engineering via Kengeri. I should board the bus at Gottigere. How much time will it take to go from Gottigere to Kengeri?

  12. Pranav C S says:

    Please anyone help me with my previous question. Thank u.

  13. Siddharth S says:

    ‘@pranav CS

    The bus has avreage frequency of 10 mins once-also from Gottigere you can take 378A too which comes from Jigani to Kengeri-journey time will take about 35-45 mins as the entire strech is completely free of signals(Except for Konanakunte cross junction)

    378B passes by Brigade millenium but the frequency of the bus is very very poor-its better to travel to Jambusavari Dinner and take 378 from there

  14. Annie says:

    How frequent is 378C? and what time is the last bus of 378C to electronics city?

  15. Chaitra T R says:

    can any one tell me the timings of 378B in the morning in Electronic city /gottigere

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