How to identify Bangalore’s blooming trees

Every season when the avenue trees in Bangalore burst into bloom, I try to memorise how the flowers look. When I get home, I try to refer and identify them.

Some recommend Pradeep Kishen’s book on trees of Delhi. But I much prefer this blog post from S Karthikeyan. Read more about him here.

It lists the most common trees in Bangalore, has nice closeup pictures of the flowers and local names. It would have been useful to see a closeup picture of the leaves and an picture of the whole tree too.

Karthikeyan has even created a pdf version that you can download and print as a handy reference. Great work!

Bangalore’s charm as a Garden City may have diminished. However, some of the trees that perhaps earned its name are still to be seen and cherished. For those of us who would want to simply immerse ourselves in that moment appreciating the beauty of each of these flowering trees that dot Bangalore it really does not matter …we will continue to do so.

For those who would want to know more information about these trees, I have tried to put together some information and pictures for 26 species that are often seen.

Read the full post or download the pdf here: Karthik’s Journal » Flowering Trees

After all the reading is done, I promptly forget the names. Darn.


  1. Deepa Mohan says:

    Over a period of time, you’ll remember the names, Meera!

  2. Shalini Baisiwala Anand says:

    lovely article – thank you for the link. I am new to Bangalore and have marvelled at these flowering trees and keep wondering what they are called.

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