All we need is love, say Cascade 2010 participants

Cascade 2010 one of the biggest, most vibrant and engaging student cul-fests of the year.

It’s been thirty years since John Lennon passed but his spirit clearly still lives on. Nehru Bal Sangh, Bangalore, more commonly known as NBS, once again organised their much awaited inter- school cultural competition Cascade, at Bal Bhavan, Cubbon Park with the theme of ‘All we need is love.’ Nehru Bal Sangh (NBS) is a United Nations recognised and accredited, voluntary, non-profit organisation with branches in 18 states of India.

NBS is run by young student members who engage in social causes such as fundraising for organisations including the Spastic Society and Compassion Unlimited Plus Action (CUPA). In the past year, they have also volunteered for ‘Muskaan’ which is an event held for the orphan children from the SOS Village as well as the United Charities Bazaar – an event that provides opportunity for charities from across the city to raise funds.

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"The group aims to promote national integration and unity among the youth of the nation not only acts as a forum for enthusiastic youth to voice their opinions on various social issues, but also provides an opportunity for them to realistically make a difference," says Aniruddh Naidu, Secretary of NBS for the current year.

This year marked the 20th year of successful running of their main event Cascade and had a extended three-day celebrations (instead of the usual two days of festivities) from the 16th of June until the 18th. The three day festival was sponsored by the Arattukulam Group.

The event not only brought together students from different school from all over Bangalore but also gave them a prime opportunity to showcase their talent in over 35 competitions that took place over the three days. The students battled it out in events including debate, music, dance and literary events and it wasn’t only for the trophy or the cash prize afterwards. It was in essence for the pride of their alma mater.

‘Voice’ was a personality contest which judged how well the participants faced different situations. Cascade 2010’s aim of providing a launch pad for youth talents was reached with the hunt for Ms/Mr Cascade 2010, with Megha from NPS, Koramangala being declared the ‘Voice’ of tomorrow. She showed a firm determination to be the next President of the nation.

I attended the event of the final day which was on June 18th and was met with absolutely electrifying atmosphere. The auditorium was filled with students striving for perfection on stage while school mates cheered on the competitors. Even the organisers pitched in for entertainment when about 40 of them took to the stage to perform a synchronised dance routine of ‘Soulja Boy’.

There was never a negative emotion in the entire place. All one could hear was the ringing of school names and cheers for the performers. It was commendable that even those who had lost still walked away with their heads held high. The respect they gave to each other shone through the competitive and proved indeed that all we need is love.

As students from several schools across the city including Frank Anthony Public School, National Public School and St Germains competed in events such as Indian dance, debate, cartooning, western music, charades and quiz, youth also got some ideas on future opportunities, with motivational videos and pep by organisers and judges.

Madhurima Biswas, the Joint Secretary of NBS emphasised that the aim of the event was to inspire. "We aim to achieve unity among the nation through the voices of the youth. Bring everyone together with the help of the future generation. Cascade demands skill, talent and capability. We ask students to show us what they can do. We hope to inspire."

They stuck continued tradition and hosted "Rainbow", a colourful, one day cultural event for differently abled people. The event was met with great enthusiasm and the participants surpassed expectations with their outstanding performances and effort.

"As always," says Madhurima, "the proceeds of the event will go to a good cause although we’re still unsure which one this year."

Their drive this year according to all the members in unison was that, "The world is being torn apart by hatred." It’s easy enough to change it because after all – All you need is love!  ⊕

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