One candidate shows up at Thanisandra election debate

Two candidates sent representatives to speak on their behalfs. Residents, however pour out their woes to those present.

Thanisandra looks forward to better living. A recent interactive session between the residents and the candidates contesting in the elections gave the residents some hope.

Gokul Kadambi, Secretary of Federation of Residents’ Welfare Association, Hebbal summed it up saying, “Ours is an under developed ward. We lack even basic amenities like drinking water, roads, sewerage etc. we are looking forward to a better Thanisandra. These candidates’ promises give us great hopes.”

However, this ward, which is reserved for women in the Backward Category A gave an indication, perhaps of things to come. Of the four women candidates, only one turned up herself, two were represented by men and the fourth neither attended the meeting, nor sent a representative.

Of the four women candidates, only BJP’s Mamatha Suresh turned up herself. Pic Shruti Appu.

Mamatha Suresh, the BJP candidate was the only one present. Lalithabai Mukundarao of JD(S) was represented by her son Kishore Kumar, and Fahamidunnisa of the Congress was represented by Santhosh (Personal Assistant to Krishna Byre Gowda). There were no signs of Safeena Banu, the independent candidate.

The session was held at Kenneth George English School in Bhuvaneshwarinagar and was organized by the Federation of Residents’ Welfare Associations, Hebbal.

Infrastructure tops residents woes

The main problems the residents raised were lack of water, badly-laid roads, blocked sewerage and uncollected garbage.

Dr Lakkundi, 56, a resident asked, “Water has become a major issue here, so what change can you bring?”

Different parties had their own responses.

Suresh, a representative of the Congress Party said, “The Cauvery water pipeline has been sanctioned, we are waiting for the connectivity. Once it is done we will make sure that water won’t be a problem in Thanisandra.”

Mamatha Suresh, the BJP Candidate said, “I will construct borewells and will educate people about the importance of rain water harvesting.”

Kishore Kumar, JD(S) representative said, “We understand that water is a main problem. Whatever is needed for the water issue will be taken care, once we win.”

The next problem that came up was the state of the roads and the lack of sign boards in the streets. Citizen representative Poornima S Kumar raised the matter and asked the candidates about their plans for tackling this this issue. Kishore Kumar said, “The problem lies in the way the roads have been laid . During the rainy season the water is stagnant and damages the road. Hence we are thinking of getting the roads constructed well.”

Mamatha promised, “We will do the needful for the roads.”

Santhosh’s reply interested the people. He said, “Before our term gets over we will tar every road. Jaya, a resident, remarked, “You sound like you’re giving some guarantee advertisement.” She added, “In front of my house during last election they had started the road construction and it’s still not done. Due to their lazy job, now we cannot even drive on that road.”

To which Santhosh responded, “If you can write a letter and give it to us, I promise you that we will get the road functional in 24 hours.”

The other major problem that came up was sewerage..”When Poornima raised the question, Mamatha said “I cannot promise you a particular time period for this issue, but can only say that sewerage will be taken care of in 2-3 years.”

Kishore Kumar said, “After the election in three months time we will meet the citizens, we will collect their problems and will prioritize things and accordingly we will solve it.”

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