Stop road widening at Vijaya Bank Layout

Who would need wide roads if thousands of people lose their houses because of that? Please think of alternatives with minimum damage to the public.

I am a resident of a quiet neighbourhood at Vijaya Bank Layout, Bannerghatta road since 2007. Most of you might have heard about it. It is very popular for its Ayyappa Temple and its quiet environment. But this harmony was destroyed when I saw my home located in 1st Main road and several other houses  were marked by BBMP officials for the road widening project.

I am not the only one , but several hundreds are suffering from the same problem. Most people here have used all their savings to buy this property which costs a fortune just because it has BDA approval and BBMP Khatha. You have to take into account the current construction costs involved. Most of the people here are retired from Vijaya Bank and used up their retirement money for a peaceful life.

I just don’t understand the reason for the road widening when Bannerghatta Road is just parallel to it. BBMP have several alternatives like a 80 feet BTM 4th Stage road very close by, for diverting the traffic.
Take into account the feelings and savings of the people who would suffer due to this widening project. This road doesn’t lead to Bannerghatta road directly but goes through lots of small houses at Bilekahalli village which would make already suffering people to suffer more.

Who would need wide roads if thousands of people lose their houses because of that? Please think of alternatives with minimum damage to the public.

I would really appreciate feedback for this article. People are welcome to share your story too.   ⊕


  1. Shailaja Nagaraj says:

    citizens across te city need to fight this battle since the BBMP is very short sighted, keep widening roads causing untold worries and suffering to residents, dont pay compensation, retired individuals savings wiped out…. but we will make place for more and more cars to drive on the roads!!!!!! why cant the BBMP think of bettering public transport, increase one ways, build flyovers and underpasses… why harm homes built with all of ones life savings and destroy !

  2. Shailaja Nagaraj says:

    BTW – we are fighting the same battle on the ring road!

  3. MAK says:

    Hi Krithika,

    We are also affected due to this. Can you let us know what you people are planning to do in order to save the houses/apartments?


  4. S Srinivasan says:

    BBMP should be given the highest honour in the country for repeating blunder after blunder .The bungling in the Property Tax process and collection is followed in the Road widening projects.It is very obvious that none of the officials from the top have ever done any feasibility study in any of the projects . Public is at their mercy.The complaints have never been looked into. If one reads the several articles written in Citizenmatters by members of the public raising their voices of concern, he will understand how serious the unwarranted steps taken by BBMP are. None of the actions taken are for the benefit of the Public. In the name of public interest what is being done is nothing but chaos and adding insult to the injury. It is time the Media expose all the wrong doings of BBMP fully.
    The matters should be brought to the Courts with writ petitions and stay orders. It is strange that the State Govt has closed its eyes on the affairs of BBMP. I suggest the newly elected corporators should go round their wards immediately ,see for themselves and take suitable action to review and rectify the steps taken by BBMP and stop harassment of peaceful public by their wrong doings.

  5. HumeBastich says:

    NO!! I’ve parted ways with 6/5 metres of my property for the greater good. If everyone resists these moves, bangalore will remain the hell hole it is currently with its tiny roads and humongous traffic.

    I completely agree with BBMP’s decision to widen roads – even if it costs a few people’s properties – millions will benefit from the move!!!

  6. S Srinivasan says:

    Ref.Mr.Hume Bastich’s views,
    If I have a single house, I have no way except to surrender to the unreasonable demands of BBMP. Unfortunately, I am one of the 300 families in an apartment complex which will be totally deprived of living due to destruction of all infrastructure . Where will all the 300 families go ? The same problem with Prestige MonteCarlo complex with 400 families.
    Where can I go at my old age now?
    Secondly, Road Widening is NOT the solution for ease of traffic. It is a failure in many countries. There are alternate scientific and administrative solutions to sort out the problem.Govt is bent on making money as is evident in huge funds available at short notice and totally substandard works. Have we not learnt any lessons from the Commonwealth Games affairs ? Have we not seen total damage to the greenery which was the pride of this city once? Parks are damaged to accommodate concrete structures. Where are we heading to ?
    Mr.Hume has not understood the problem in the correct perspective. Contact Save Bangalore Committee for full details.

  7. Hemanth Shetty says:

    Dear All,

    Please let us know which are the area in Vijaya bank layout is going to be i am planning to invest in buying a flat in Vijayabank layout…

    Please advice..

  8. krithika says:

    As of now we havnt got any updates on it from anybody… Atleast hope BBMP changes their point of their widening policies. As of now i am still praying for the best…if u are planning to buy home check if the nearby houses are marked…if not you are safe to buy that land.. ask the people nearby they would also help you.

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