Where would I like to go? And… A Happy 2010!

This is the time for New Year resolutions. Often made…So maybe we can do this with a difference as we enter the new decade.

The one thing that this decade gone by has stood for is change! Change in the way we look at the world, change in what we took for granted. There has been a shift in equations, from the West towards Asia. We have had a President in the US who is different, a woman winning the Nobel Prize in economics for the first time, an Indian Olympic Gold… and much more. Social networking, twitter.. and mobile phones have completely changed the way we communicate.

What can we hope in this decade? Much more change! What is the role you want to play?

Many Indians have increased aspiration levels. In the past many of us were content and accepted what happened to us as our fate, ordained by a higher authority. Today, many of us want to take our destiny in our own hands. We are dreaming, many of us dreaming big. In my father’s generation many persons accepted what they got and said that they convinced themselves to like what they did. I see a difference in my son’s generation… they try to get what they like to do.

So as we enter into the new, rapidly changing environment, maybe we can take time out to reflect and introspect… Look at ourselves, see our past actions… see how far we have come… and where we would like to go. Below are some points to trigger thinking as we move ahead:

What is your long term dream?

To Trigger Thinking: You may like to think of this in three time frames:

  • Immediate/short term: 1-2 years
  • Medium term: 3-5 years and
  • Long term: 10-15 years

What would you like to do, have you a set of outcomes.. for eg. do you want to be remembered for something unique you did, or do you want to be known as the biggest company in the area or work with children in local schools.. or..or.. ..?

To Trigger Thinking: You may even aspire to just do what you like to do and do it well…so that you can sustain yourself; it is your choice and prerogative to think about what you want to do. In the past we were more one-dimensional, most students (and their parents) aspired for marks, many persons aspired for high salaries. Today, we are increasingly seeing persons chase other goals…aptly illustrated in the just released movie "3 idiots."

What are your strengths?

To Trigger Thinking: Strengths may be in terms of areas of expertise, such as technical knowledge or other skills. It may also show in the way you work or deal with issues; such as an ability to communicate well, your analytical and problem solving skills .. and so on. A good way to reflect on this is to look at your actions over the past few years and see when you have performed well and why you have done so. Is there a pattern in these actions? Actions do reflect who you are, more than the words you speak.

What could be your gaps?

To Trigger Thinking: Gaps may be weaknesses or just things you do not want to do! Things that stress you out! Again introspection and reflection can help you in listing these. Once you have these listed, you can go on to either fill these gaps or work with these factored in. For. eg. if  you have a tendency to look only at day-to-day problems and not on the long term business issues, you could set aside 2 hours a week to looking at the long term goals and monitor your progress over time.

Look at where you want to be in the long term and where you are now. What do you think you need for this journey?

To Trigger Thinking: You may not have answers, but you would have started the thinking and analysis and this is a good starting point. The thought would be at the back of your mind and will pop up at different times and keep you going … or changing track along the way.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: Do you enjoy what you do?

To Trigger Thinking: If you enjoy what you do, things come naturally and you will blossom. The journey will be one that you will remember with happiness, as much as you may enjoy the destination.

Happy 2010, may the days ahead be filled with Health and Happiness.


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