Junctions where grade separators are to come up

Here’s a list of some of the junctions identified for grade separator projects, all approved by BBMP’s Technical Advisory Committee, along Bengaluru’s major traffic corridors.

The BBMP’s Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) has approved grade separator projects and road widening across the 12 arterial corridors in Bengaluru. This is part of making these corridors signal-free. Earlier, Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic) and TAC member Praveen Sood had told Citizen Matters that 80 junctions in the 12 arterial corridors have been approved by TAC for grade separator projects. This was also confirmed by H Raja Simha, another TAC member and Technical Advisor to the BBMP Commissioner, and T N Chikkarayappa, BBMP’s Chief Engineer (Major Roads).

BBMP has released to Citizen Matters the names of 60 of these junctions along seven of the 12 arterial corridors. For some of the junctions, costs are noted and also whether an underpass or flyover has been approved there.

I. Hosur Lashkar Road: Vellara Junction to Central Silk Board junction

1. Vellara junction – Rs 7.40 crores
2. Langford junction – Rs 7.80 crores
3. Bannerghatta junction – Rs 8.50 crores
4. Adugodi junction – Rs 8.55 crores
5. Kendriya Sadan junction – Rs 5.75 crores
6. Forum junction – Rs 8.88 crores
7. Marigowda junction – Rs 10.85 crores
8. Sarjapura Road junction (St John’s junction) – Rs 11.08 crores

II. Bannerghatta Road: Jayadeva junction to Hulimavu Road

9.    Jayadeva hospital junction
10.    Horavarthula Road junction
11.    Bilekahalli junction
12.    Arekere Road junction
13.    Hulimavu Road junction (near Arekere)
14.    Hulimavu Gate Road junction

III.    Dr Raj Kumar Road: Yeshwanthpur to Okalipuram junction

15.    Vivekananda College junction
16.    10th cross road junction
17.    Navrang junction
18.    3rd block junction
19.    Bridgestone junction
20.    Okalipuram junction
21.    Vatal Nagaraj Road Magadi Road deviation junction (flyover)
22.    Magadi Road to Rajajinagar entrance
23.    Via Dr Raj Kumar signal, Yeshwanthpur to Okalipuram junction (road widening)

IV.    Mekhri circle – Old Madras Road – Whitefield Hope Farm junction

24.    Cil Road – Rs 13.35 crores (underpass)
25.    5th main Road – Rs 11.26 crores (underpass)
26.    Nandidurg Road – Rs 11.38 crores (underpass)
27.    Haines Road – Rs 13.07 crores (underpass)
28.    Seppings Road – Rs 10.42 crores (underpass)
29.    Kamaraj Road – Rs 16.72 crores (underpass)
30.    Meanee Avenue Road – Rs 12.86 crores (underpass)
31.    Dhobi Ghat Road (underpass)
32.    Thammarai Kannan Road junction and Old Madras Road junction (Integrated) – Rs 25.42 crores
33.    U-turn with physical separator between 80 feet road and Suranjandas Road junction (Intergrated) – Rs 22.24 crores
34.    Varthur Road – Rs 13.32 crores
35.    Hewlett Packard office – Rs 14.77 crores
36.    Hoodi Main Road – Rs 21.49 crores
37.    E P I P and Agrahara Road – Rs 30.48 crores
38.    Hope Farm – Rs 22.74 crores

V.    Mysore Road to Hosur Road’s Central Silk Board junction

39.    Flyover at KEB junction near PESIT college – Rs 10.135 crores
40.    Dr. Mutturaj Road junction (towards Seetha circle) (underpass) – Rs 16.972 crores
41.    Dedicated U-turn – Janatha Bazaar junction – Rs 5.747 crores
42.    Food World junction (underpass) – Rs 18.732 crores
43.    Dedicated U-turn – Kamakhya junction – Rs 4.507 crores
44.    Dedicated U-turn between Kadernahalli junction and Kanakapura junction – Rs 3.671 crores
45.    Kanakapura road junction (underpass) – Rs 21.116 crores
46.    Dollars Colony (flyover) – Rs 11.792 crores
47.    Udupi Garden junction (underpass) – Rs 16.17 crores

VI.    Old Airport Road – Vellara junction to Kundalahalli junction

48.    Mother Teresa Road – Rs 7.22 crores
49.    D’Souza Circle Road – Rs 0.765 crores
50.    Hosmat Hospital junction – Rs 8.04 crores
51.    Lower Agaram junction – Rs 7.57 crores
52.    A S C Circle junction – Rs 6.68 crores
53.    Command hospital junction – Rs 7.36 crores
54.    Wind tunnel Road junction – Rs 10.03 crores
55.    Suranjandas Road junction – Rs 9.62 crores
56.    Nam Joshi Road junction – Rs 8.54 crores
57.    Kundalahalli Road junction – Rs 11.81 crores

VII.    Chord Road – via Horavarthula Road – Magadi Road signal

58.    Veeresh talkies junction
59.    Jai Muni Rao circle and Raheja Park junction (flyover)
60.    Basaveshwara circle   ⊕


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  1. Deepa Mohan says:

    My GOD! I live just by the Jayadeva flyover on Bannerghatta Road, and we lived (suffered agonies) through the prolonged construction of the Silk Board, the Dairy Circle, and the Jayadeva flyovers…don’t tell me that we’ve got to start bearing this all over again, for years and years more….as all the contractors make their money…

  2. Vinay Sreenivasa says:

    these long corridors of signal free corridors will forever change the face of the city.

    the whole of bangalore will be like bellary rd(new airport rd) – pedestrians getting hit every day, elderly and childen struggling to cross(they have even stopped trying actually), no gaadi where you can buy jola, water melon or kadlekai, no cobblers, vendors who can carry on with their life, barely any cyclists, no trees .

    oh and of course – will it solve the issue of congestion? all it needs is just another 7% of bangalore to buy cars for the cars to double from 5 lakh to 10 lakh. with the nano, we’ll soon be there.

    its just shocking. can you imagine the whole of bangalore being just a series of wide, shadeless roads where cars and motobikes keep zipping past and where we forever dont want people to walk.

    if we don’t do anything fast enough, we’ll all be guilty of being a part of the crowd which kills this city.

  3. georg leuzinger says:

    impressive list of road infrastructure projects. and very shocking as it serves only for motorized individual traffic and nobody else. these corridors will destroy the city’s fabric and from a town residents perspective absolutely untolerable. such projects cannot be permitted as they are only considering motor traffic and give a damn about everything else that matters and is vital for a city.
    how comes that this list of projects already sanctioned or approved did not find any mention at the mobilicity conference/seminar of cistup and praja last saturday at IISC, would have given a good example how engineers plan and kill the city against the needs of its inhabitants.

  4. Sanjay Vijayaraghavan says:

    Oh wow! I am stunned, to put it mildly! Before these projects move any further, the first step should be to discuss these projects thoroughly with the citizens. What exactly are the proposed improvements, how will they help the citizens (motorized as well as non-motorized), how will the construction happen, how will it be funded etc. I agree that these important corridoors are choked. However, the proposed changes can disrupt lives hugely and make life hell for the hapless pedestrian.

    How can we get BBMP to talk to the citizens?

  5. Srivathsa says:

    Might as well pack our bags and leave this city. Mobilicity,etc are the equivalent of banging our heads against a titanium wall. The Powers-that-be know where money is to be made.

    Mr.Chikarayappa should be given an Ig-Nobel award for single handedly destroying our city with his patently stupid signal free roads for the inner city.

  6. Sudhir Gota says:

    If we close our eyes and try to vision Bangalore in next 10 years what do we see?
    Our policy makers don’t have an idea what they would do to our city.. we are destroying ourselves…

  7. Vinay Sreenivasa says:

    and by the way in case you were wondering who are masters behind this great plan, its none other than Bangalore’s present kings – ABIDE. Meeting minutes from their 5th sep meeting (
    http://www.abidebengaluru.in/proceedings/5-Sept-2009.pdf ) says –
    Launch 6 corridor roads after getting approved by ABIDE TF

    “TAC is clearing junction by junction, a detailed dsicussion of more than 2 hours has been done on each junction, we require one or two sittings to complete the whole package

    BBMP to give detailed presentation to ABIDE TF on Sep 7th.”

    unbeleievable . 5 holy mnen of abide control this. TAC of BBMP holds ‘detailed’ discussion for 2 hrs before deciding on each junction, they will soon clear the whole ‘package’. and where is the public in all this? and why hasnt this waited for BBMP eections to happen and a elected council is in place?

  8. BN Gundu Rao says:

    I live near Gandibazaar for the past 60 years. Now that vehicle population has grown beyond our expectations in the past 5-10 years, it is needless to take adequate measures now for a smooth traffic flow, taking into consideration, the pedestrians and the difficulty they are facing in crossing the roads. The measures that are taking place now could help but how long will it take to materialise them. Quickness is needed in executing them with a well planned programe with the help of a thinktank. The organisers should not keep in bay the road users to wait for years, with the sufferings they face till the completion of the projects over years.

  9. Usha Srinath says:

    Oh, no, not again! ALL traffic was diverted through our layout while the Jayadeva circle construction went on over eons..the internal roads were destroyed, houses full of dust. We are just settling back to normalcy. The underpasses/flyovers, and consequent traffic diversions etc, are planned while completely NOT taking the local citizens into confidence. The JPNagar 23rd Main underpass is again decades behind schedule. We seriously need to do something about this kind of planning being dumped on us without any clear plan of timely execution. Can citizen matters act as a forum to build up a movement for this?

  10. Sijo Kurien says:

    BBMP is doing as much possible to help Bangalore move. I request all those skeptics not to file case if they lose any property n help delay the projects. If every1 is so much concerned about the city suggest remedies.. Criticizing everything and anything will not help matters move. Trees might have to cut but need to be planted again.. Will u appreciate if the BBMP turn a blind eye to the traffic snarls. ?

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