Guide to paying property tax 2009-10

A step by step guide to paying property tax to Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagar Palike, for the year 2009-10.

Now that most of us have paid the property taxes for the year 2008-09 by filling the appropriate form (From I-for properties with PID no./ Form II-for properties having only KATHA no./ Form III-for properties with neither PID nor KATHA no.), it is time to start paying the taxes for the current year.

A small quantum of forms have reached the Help Centres and are of two different types – White (Form IV) in bilingual & Blue (Form V)

For properties, where there is no change in any field – either in CATEGORY (rented out/non-residential), or DIMENSIONS (Any addition/deletion to the structure), USAGE (Tenanted/Self occupied) have to use the white form no.IV and enter the personal details in Part I as follows:

Column 1 : 2009-10 with the appropriate property number.
Column 2 : The number printed in the acknowledgement form &tick the colour of the form submitted.
Column 3 : The details of date & application number if a revised return is submitted OR N.A.
Column 4 to 9 : Copy the details furnished in the previous year’s form.

In Part II (Details of Tax Paid for the year 2008-09) as follows :

Column 10a : Go to page 5 of the previous year form (Revised one if submitted)-COMPUTATION OF TOTAL TAX PAYABLE and copy the  figures in column 17.
Column 10b : Copy the figure of column 18 of the previous year form.
Column 10c : Copy the figure of column 19 of the previous year form.
Column 10d : Copy the figure of column 20 of the previous year form.
Column 10e : Copy the figure of column 21 of the previous year form.
Column 10f : Copy the figure of column 22 of the previous year form.
Column 10g : Copy the figure of column 26 of the previous year form in the amount column and the Receipt no. with date issued for your payment in the preceding column, if paid for full year OR write N.A., if paid in instalments & go to the next column 10h and fill both the payment details.

Then decide when to pay and how to pay-during the rebate period OR after / either for the full tear OR in instalments. Then proceed as follows :

If you decide to pay for the full year with a claim of rebate (Before 31st July ’09) go to 10A (Computation of property tax for the year ——–if paid before——–to avail 5% rebate)

Column 10i : Fill the year as 2009-10 and copy the figure of 10a.
Column 10j : Copy the figure of column 10b.
Column 10k : Copy the figure of column 10c.
Column 10l : Copy the figure of column 10d if availed OR calculate 5% of the amount in 10k and write.
Column 10m : Copy the column 10e OR calculate and write.
Column 10n : If a revised return is submitted, enter the figure shown as in column 26 of that return OR put a dash.
Column 10o : Copy the figure of column 10m OR calculate as the case may be and write. (Here please round off your amount to the nearest rupee.)

If you decide to pay after rebate period (After 31st July ’09) OR in instalments go to 10B(Computation of property tax for the year ————instalments)

Column 10p : Copy the figure of column 10c.
Column 10q : Divide the figure of column 10p by 2 and write.
Column 10r : Copy column 10q.
Column 10s : Copy the figure in column 10f.
Column 10t : Calculate by deducting figures column 10q & s.
Column 10u & v : Self explanatory calculations.
Column 10w : Calculation of the above. (Here please round off your amount to the nearest rupee.)

Guide to Property tax 2008-09: Click here.

Arrange payment and fill the payment particulars below these tables and sign with date. Then fill in the acknowledgement in duplicate get the entire form photo-copied and make payment at your designated help centre.

If there is a change in the property, use Form V (Blue) and calculate as done in the previous year and follow ‘Step by step guide for calculation and payment of property tax, published earlier.


1. One has to fill only 10A OR 10B as applicable and draw a line across the other unused table.

2. Please don’t go by the wrong statement of INSTRUCTION # 2 of the form, which states, depreciation cannot be claimed for the year 2009-10 & 2010-11. The actual wordings should be "NO FURTHER DEPRECIATION TO BE CALCULATED EVEN IF THE AGE DIFFERS IN THE SLAB PROVIDED ON PAGE 18 OF THE HANDBOOK AS ANNEXURE – III" for the given block period of THREE years (at present).


  1. S Srinivasan says:

    A very helpful article for the Tax Paying Public. I had raised the issue of contradiction of Instruction 2 in the Forms with Col. 10A (i) . So far, BBMP has not cleared this anomaly of whether the Depreciation value is deductible in the years 2009-10 and 2010-11 .
    The On-Line Calculator admits the deduction of Depreciation. DC Revenue is yet to clear this. But, the Help Centers accept the Tax as paid in the year 2008-09 for this year also. The confusion in the ARO and the Wards still exist and the Tax Payer may not find his name in the Revenue Records in his ward though it may be available elsewhere.

  2. D R Prakash says:

    Dear Mr.S.Srinivasan,

    It is seldom the BBMP replies to our queries. If depreciation is not allowed for the present years, the tax for all properties will become uniform irrespective of the age of the property, which is incorrect.

    Our BBMP doesnt have good qualified persons to draft a correct statement to explain the need and another reason is the USUAL SLOW PROCESS, which one can know simply with the schedule of supplying the forms scheduled to have been available during the end of MAY, reached only on 2nd of July, and lack of interest in proper work inspite of RWAs extending support.

  3. Madhu Yadav says:

    Thanks very much for this article. it really helps.
    Also not sure if someone has already faced this problem.
    This link mentions that ‘If the property tax return for the previous year has not been filed, property tax for the current year shall be accompanied with the return and dues for, if any for the previous years.’
    but I am not able to proceed on this page since I haven’t paid 2008-09 tax and hence dont have the applicatioo no.

    My mail to the helpline didn’t get any response ๐Ÿ™
    can someone help?

  4. D R Prakash says:

    [13-Jan, 02 PM] Nishan Desai
    Hi Prakash,
    Your article is indeed very informative and subsequent QA discussions have solved significant doubts but still I have some ๐Ÿ™‚
    I purchased an apt(ready to move) in 2009 and my registration took place in mid-november. Builder has already paid the land tax for 2008-2009 & 2009-2010.
    Do I need to pay my Individual Tax for Year 2009-2010? Would it be for full year or pro-rated based on the Sale Deed?
    Which form do I need to fill for the first time? I assume my apartment lies in zone F.

  5. D R Prakash says:

    [19-Apr, 05 PM] veer
    Dear Mr. Prakash,
    For 2008-09, I filed the property tax under a different zone (C) and now I’ve relalized that my property is under E. I have verified that the property has been under Zone E even in 2008. I have done the same for 2009-10. In this case, is it possible to re-file it for 2008 & 2009 ? If not, can I change it at least for 2010-2011 ?
    [21-Apr, 06 AM] D R Prakash
    Dear Mr.Naren,
    First I would like to know whether they have issued a manual receipt OR a compute receipt. If it is a manual receipt, then it is an indication that, your property details have not been uploaded and you have to make a direct payment at the designated office. If you are issued a computer receipt, go over to and click the year 2008-09 and a window will pop-up requesting you to fill in application OR PID no. You fill in the application no. and proceed further as instructed.
    Hope this will enable you to make the payment on-line.
    21 04 10.

  6. D R Prakash says:

    [21-Apr, 06 AM] D R Prakash
    Dear Mr.Veer,
    There is no problem for paying tax for a different zone, that too with a higher tax. During the given block period, you can submit a revised return and claim back the difference which can be adjusted with the current payment.
    For this, you have to submit revised returns for both the FYs 08-09 & 09-10, by clearly furnishing the receipt nos. and date of payment in the respective column, the excess amount that is to be claimed and enclosing the copies of the same for the perusal of BBMP authorities.
    Still in case your payment is excess, you need not pay any tax for the current year, but fill in the columns where your credit balance is still available to be adjusted for the next year.
    [21-Apr, 06 AM] D R Prakash
    Mr.Nishan Desai,
    Sorry for the delay in answering your query, which is due to a technical error, which didnt enable me to get your posting. Please accept our humble apologies for the same.
    By now you might OR might not have paid your tax. If not paid, here is the correct steps for the same.
    You have to fill the form V for the second half of 2009-10 and pay the tax accordingly less the paid tax for the land for the given period.
    For the year 2010-11, you have to fill form IV and pay the appropriate tax.
    Regarding the zone of your property, please get a copy from the concerned area office OR log on to and select zones to find out your appropriate zone.

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